Reasons to join a Gym

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Hi. So what are other things to fill your schedule and to keep yourself busy? It is finding a gym. It's one of the options. Find yourself a gym. Why?

One, it keeps your body and mind in good balance, right? Two. Weekends can sometimes be boring so it gives you something to do. Three, great place to meet people have conversations with like minded people, and it keeps your body fit. So let's go in and have a look. Now when you walk into the gym, the first thing you do is ask some information, right?

You want to check if they're open every day. If They're open early, if they're opening the weekends, if there are some group activities. Just have a look around. So let's have some information. Hi. Are you opening weekends?

Yes, they're opening weekends. Great, because we can can be boring. So it gives you something to do. Next group activities. You have some activities. Yes, yes, great.

Group activities are great because again, it gives you a schedule. It gives you a time of day and week that you have to go there and you're around with people you can meet people have conversations. So group activities are great. So you asked for to have a tour, and then you decide. If you like it, you stay. If you don't, you go and find another gym.

So remember, it's important to find activities and keep your schedule busy. See you in the next video.

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