Storytelling in the Bedroom

9 minutes
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How did you do? Were you able to fill in your blanks? Was there one area in particular that created a spark for you? Or are you like me and you kind of felt you're a little, a little tug at your heart with every area that you are reading through because they are all important. You don't have to choose them all. Just find the ones that are most important to you in this moment, and then keep moving forward.

So next, I want to show you my bedroom and how I decorated my bedroom to reflect what areas of that Bible map are most important to my husband and I. I'm going to show you a picture of our bedroom that I took as I was standing in the doorway, and I'm going to show you how to properly align the Bible map with that doorway so that you can see the two areas that I primarily decorate added, which is wealth and prosperity and love and marriage. And you'll notice the items in my love and marriage area are not specifically in the corner as suggested by the map, but they're in the general vicinity, which is good enough for me. So we want to declutter and start with a clean slate. And next I will be adding in the bigger pieces, which are the pictures and the two end ones are our favorite travel destinations.

The middle picture is the first gift that my husband gave me. So all of these items are very meaningful to the both of us. And the pocket watch that you see hanging on the image on the right is a gift that I gave to my husband, and that symbolizes that time is precious as we are traveling and doing things we love. Here are the items that are beneath the pictures. The first one is a vase, a small base of fresh flowers, that symbol Lies is beauty and love and growth. Then there's our wedding picture, you see a statue of a couple.

The middle image are some of our favorite travel destinations, again, with inspiring quotes overlaid on top of those pictures. And the bottom shows little gifts that we have given to each other. The box holds love notes to each other little special things that we have written to each other. There is a picture of us and a starfish that symbolizes wealth because that's also meaningful to us. So together, all of these items tell our love story. And here is a picture of how that looks completed.

And this is the first thing that we see when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we see when we go to bed. Next is the wealth and prosperity area and I'm starting with a clean slate. Oh Though I did not remove the large chart that you see hang in there because it was too heavy for this example, but it is there because we love to travel. And this is a symbol of our wealth. And that is why it's in this area. Next I'm adding in a lamp, which is not unusual.

But in thinking in terms of symbolism. This layup symbolizes illumination. So every night when I turn the lamp on, I am telling myself, I am illuminating our wealth and prosperity area. And so you'll see this is about habits and mindset. Next is a plant and that symbolizes growth and thriving. And the next item is a small photo collage that I created.

That symbolizes my career because when I am being creative and doing things in my career I feel wealthy. Next I am adding in a mirror that reflects expansion and reflection. On top of that I have placed books that have helped me develop into the person that I am today. There is a starfish that symbolizes wealth. There is a small heart dish for love. And there is a little sea glass stone that has the words believe in miracles etched into the top of it.

All of these items together make me feel wealthy and prosperous. And here is our completed bedroom. So you can see it again standing in the entrance to our bedroom. I want to say a little bit more here, about habits and mindset. As I mentioned before, when I first started using The Bible will map I was very precise in where I placed my items. And looking back now, I see how helpful that was because it made me familiar with the Bagua map.

So for example, as I walked into my bedroom, I just became curious like I was fascinated with the whole process. And so I would walk in my bedroom and I would think to myself, well, where is my wealth and prosperity area? Or where is my career area? And I would see something and so for example, my the lamp in the corner is like, yes, this is my wealth and prosperity area. And when I go and I turn on that lamp, I am telling myself, I am illuminating this area of my life. Maybe I'm using the lamp in my career area, or maybe I have a candle that I I'm lighting in my love and relationship area.

When I actually go through the act of turning on that lamp or lighting that candle, I have the mindset that I am tending to this area, and I am taking steps to celebrate that area or to illuminate that area. Or maybe there's a mirror there. I would tell myself I am reflecting on this area. I think you get the idea. Like each item can symbolize something and you add that into your story. And it just it helps with your mindset and it helps develop habits that make you aware of what is important in your life and what you want to make better.

Do you see how important Core can be, when you look at it in terms of expressing what is important to you, rather than a trend or a certain book, it changes the feeling entirely when you walk into a space and notice the items that you have placed there for a specific reason, it grounds you, it greets you and it shows you who you are. Even our subconscious mind is taking in the meaning and the intention that we had when we place those items there. That is why the bedroom is the most important room in the house because that's where most of us are sleeping. So choose what you place in your surroundings wisely. I recently heard a quote from Oprah Winfrey, and she said the simple act of changing your environment by a Adding a simple vase of fresh flowers can transform your life. I have been decorating in this manner for many years.

And over time I started to see all of these decorative items as having symbolic meaning in my life. You saw in my bedroom where a simple lamp to me symbolizes the fact that I am illuminating a certain area of my life, or a mirror is symbolizing my desire to reflect on that area of my life or to expand that area of my life. Flowers symbolize celebration it could they could symbolize love or beauty or growth. seashells represent wealth or beauty. It's how you interpret these things. I am providing a list You have how I view these items, these normal everyday items as symbols so that you can keep this in mind as you are going through your house and pulling certain items together and creating your stories.

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