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An explanation of the power of decorating and why you want to decorate with intention.


Hi, I'm Jody pare, thank you for being here. And thank you for caring about the manner in which you are decorating your spaces. I love decorating with intention. And I have been decorating my home and my office cubicle in this manner for several years now. And I'm doing it for probably the same reasons that you want to. Number one, it feels really good when you walk into a space that reflects who we are and not that of a decorating trend or what someone told us we should do.

Number two, it gives us the freedom to express our idea of what is beautiful and what we find joyful. Number three, it makes us responsible for how we feel in our environment, because we are consciously choosing what we place there. Number four, it helps us to be a better version of ourself. Because we are creating our own joy. It doesn't matter what level of skill you have in decorating, it gives you a chance to create meaningful spaces. This course is about a simple message.

Decorating trends are misleading. If you are decorating based on a trend, then you are suffering from impulsive shopping and buyer's remorse. And you're also suffering from feeling that the decor you already have is outdated and wrong. If you choose to decorate with intention to surround yourself with items that are beautiful and meaningful to you, decorating trends are irrelevant and your heart becomes your guide. In this course, I'm going to show you my bedroom and how I decorate it. with intention, and I'm going to show you my office cubicle, and how I used decorative accessories to create stories that were meaningful and inspiring to me to follow my dreams, and it helps me to find new meaning in my space while I was continuing to go to a day job that no longer fulfilled my heart until I was ready to leave.

I'm not showing you these things so that you will copy decor is like a fingerprint and it is unique to every individual. I'm showing you to give you a new perspective on how you see decor, because we have been taught that it's fluffy. And I want to show you that it's powerful. I want to encourage you to follow your heart to create spaces that feel right for you.

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