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How to change your perspective in how you view your spaces.



Home is a portrait of you. I love this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert. Because through my training as a house coach, I learned that whatever is happening in my life, good or bad, starts at home. It is reflected there in my surroundings. Look around your home, and really pay attention to how your spaces look. More important than how they look is how do they make you feel?

As you look around, are you seeing clutter or disarray that is causing you stress? Or are you seeing items maybe that have been given to you and you are keeping them for no other reason than out of a sense of obligation to that person that gave it to you? Why one way to change our perspective and how we view our Our spaces is by using a camera, do a little photo shoot of your home, walk around in, stand in different spaces throughout your house and take pictures and then print them out. This helps us to remove a bit of that emotional attachment that we feel to our things. And when we're looking at a picture, it's so much easier to see where there's room for improvement. So go walk around your house, do a little photo shoot, think about the area that is most important to you right now and choose one area of your home where you want to start this process.

Through the rest of this program, I'm going to use my bedroom as an example. Because the bedroom is the most important room in the house because that is where we spend most of our time. Another important area is if you're working from home, or you have a space that you do a lot of creativity in there. Maybe you want to choose that area, but choose just one to start. There are two steps that you're going to take. One is declutter that area, whatever area you decided to work on first, declutter, whatever that means to you.

Then go in and stand there and notice what is left there. And be very curious about why it is there. That is step number two, be curious. Look around at each item and ask yourself why is this here? Is it serving a function or a specific purpose? Do you find it beautiful?

Do you find it meaningful? Is it giving you a sense of joy These are the reasons why we want to have items in our surroundings and close by so that we can see them all the time because they fill us up and they they change our energy. If you're not answering yes to those questions regarding the items that are left in your space, go back and declutter again. And take a breath. Just stand in your space and notice how you feel.

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