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2 minutes
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The Art of decorating with intention is a method that I have been working on for several years. It first started out as creating, I was creating worksheets to give to my friends and co workers who were interested in what I was doing at my desk, because they could walk in at any given time and they would notice that something was different. And they would notice people always commented on how good it felt at my cubicle, and you look around and it's just like, Well, I mean, there's nothing, nothing extraordinary here, but people could feel that and that's because I guess I was fueling my dreams and making me happy and surrounding me with my idea of beauty. So I have been perfecting this over the years and trying to streamline this and That has evolved into this video course and also a book that I wrote.

So in summary, you have learned how to surround yourself with joy. Remember that decorating with intention is not one and done. Your decorating should change as you change. I introduced you to the Bagua map. And to me, the most exciting piece of that is the question associated with it. And that question is, what does it mean to me?

That gives us total freedom because we each have our own unique answer to that. And when we follow our heart, there is no wrong way. And you gained a new perspective on how to view decorative elements and how to put those together to create meaningful stories. And finally, you learned how to put all of that together so that you can decorate your space with intention and put it all together in a room or your entire house or your office, whichever you choose. I hope you find this process fun and easy to implement in any space. Thank you so much for caring about the manner in which you decorate your spaces.

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