Using the Bagua Map

5 minutes
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So how did it go? The idea was for you to clear your space of all unnecessary items, so that you have a blank slate to work with. Because next I want to introduce you to the tool that set me on a path of discovering the power of decorating with intention. That tool is called the Bagua map, and it is from the ancient Chinese practice of Fung Shui. Now I am not going to teach you Fung Shui. There are practitioners for that.

I just want to introduce you to one element, which is this map and I love it. I find it so inspiring. And I want to show it to you here. It is a grid of nine squares. And each square is relating to one specific area of life's journey and when What do I mean by that? areas like career, wealth, family love, things like that.

And the idea is for you to use this grid, you line up with a room and it helps you to determine where to place your decorative items throughout your space. And on a larger scale, this could be used for an entire building on a smaller scale, it could be used for your desk. So I using this for my bedroom, and I just I have fun with it at first, you know, I followed it very precisely and I was very concerned about having things in exactly the right area. And I don't do that anymore. I just I combined my areas. Just have fun with it.

So the idea is that you line up this bottom line with the doorway to your room. So thinking of my bedroom if I am at the doorway to my bedroom, this is where this is the bottom line. And as I'm standing in the doorway, and I look to my far left, it is going to show me this is wealth and prosperity. And so I want to decorate with items that symbolize wealth and prosperity to me in that corner of my bedroom. And if I look to the far right corner, that is love and relationships, so I would want to use items that symbolize love and relationships in that area of my room. So I think you get the idea.

And again, I am giving you a copy of this. So you will have this for a reference. You can find them just do a google image search and you can find a whole selection of, of the maps and you can really dive deep dive into them if you would like to and understand the meaning of the colors and the elements that are associated with them. But again, there are way practitioners who can help more with that. I just wanted to introduce this tool to you and we can get started using it. Like I said, when I first started using the Bagua map, I was very precise in how I placed my items.

And I don't do that anymore. I do I have fun. I use this as inspiration and a guide to just help me refresh my decor and I change it frequently to match how I'm feeling at the time and what is important in my life at the time. For example, career, wealth and love are big areas, very important areas for me to focus on and when I'm decorating I keep those three areas in mind. And I'll explain more about that later. My favorite part about this map is that there is one question that you are supposed to ask yourself as you're looking at the map.

And that question is, what does it mean to me? So as you read through all of those nine areas, you're going to ask yourself, What does wealth mean to me? What does career mean to me? What does love mean to me? Each one of us is going to have our own unique answer to that question. And that answer is going to change over time.

It's going to change as we change and as our lives change, and that is what inspires me to keep redecorating my spaces, even on a small scale, just refresh the space and make sure that it reflects how I feel about all of these important areas of my life. So next go ahead and print out the copy of the Bagua map that I provided. And also three worksheets that are going to walk you through the Bagua map in all nine areas and start filling in those blanks.

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