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A little bit about me and then an overview of what to expect with this course.


Hi, my name is Jody pear and I am a house coach, which is a professional designer who works from the foundation of empathy. I have been an interior designer for eight years. Like you, I love to transform the places where I work and live by decorating though. Like you, I have been frustrated at times, by trying to decorate these spaces based on something I saw in a design magazine or on HGTV. I put this course together for you so that you can learn the steps of decorating with intention so that you can transform your home and your workspace into your idea of beautiful while gaining a new realization that what you place in your environment really matters. This course is for you if you're willing to open your heart and mind to a new perspective.

On decorating. And if you're going to ask yourself some thought provoking questions like, how do I want the rooms in my house to feel of the items that I'm already decorating with? Which ones are truly meaningful and useful? And of the things that I own, what am I willing to let go of? If you are willing to do a little bit of digging, and to understand how important it is for you to be clear on what you value on what areas of your life are most important to you right now. And what new stories do you want to create for yourself?

The answers to these questions are the beginning of your new decorating plan. It doesn't matter if your house is too cluttered right now. It doesn't matter if you're not ready to renovate your kitchen or to buy new furniture. What I am trying to do in this course is to open the door to a new perspective so that you can transform your home and your workspace into one that feels like an oasis for your soul. your family and your co workers will say thank you because they will notice the difference. I hope you will join me in this course it is going to be a lot of fun

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