Storytelling in the Office

6 minutes
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Earlier I told you that career love and wealth are big areas of focus in my life. And they became extremely important for me to symbolize at my desk cubicle because I had a day job. I was working full time as a secretary, and I wasn't ready to leave it yet. So I had to find a way to keep myself motivated and inspired to follow my dreams. So I started creating stories and using the Bagua map in my desk cubicle. And I'm going to show you some pictures of how I did that.

It might not look like anything special to you or anything out of the ordinary, but it felt really good for me to sit there while I was there and to look around and see the positive and affirming stories that I created for myself to remind me of what I'm truly longing to do, and it was all right there around me. I want to show you the items that I used consistently to decorate my my desk cubicle and one of those things is this base. I can stantly kept fresh flowers in this date, because I find it beautiful and I wanted to tend to my career area, my my dream career. So I constantly refreshing it with beauty. It just was inspiring for me. And I had this award that you may not be able to see, let's see.

But the face of this it is etched in it says you make a difference. Well, it didn't have a lot of meaning to me for quite some time, until I got the idea to add the words house plus love equals home to the back of the award. So I printed it out on my computer with a color background. And so this that because that is where I want to make a difference in the world is by teaching people how to create a home that they Love. So this took on an entirely new meaning for me. And then I used this a mere title, just a simple mirror tile.

And because a mirror symbolizes reflection and expansion, so these three items combined together created a really powerful and inspiring story to remind me of my dream career that I am pursuing. Another example that I want to share is a photo collage that I created with a combination of stock images from unsplash and then also my personal photos. I'll just show you quickly here. Okay. there and this collage symbolizes love and relationship. To me, and it starts with self love and nurturing and it has love relationships and creativity all reflected in this collage and I change this collage frequently based on my feelings and how I how I'm feeling at the time what's important to me at the time, which is the main point of decorating with intention and that is you don't decorate once and and be done with it.

It is not one and done. This is a dynamic process that should change and reflect who you are as you are growing and thriving and changing along the way. And this here is a marble keepsake box. And I according to the Bagua map, this one I did very specifically placed In the fame and reputation area, because inside here are happy messages, and it could be maybe a little card or maybe somebody sent me an email, something that made me feel good, I would print it out. And and I place it in this box. And I kept this in my fame and reputation area because all of these nice things is that's how I want people to think about me.

And so that's my idea of fame. So, that was my work cubicle. And again, it is it's ordinary items. It's, it's nothing extravagant. But it is how I see these items as having symbolic meaning and how I can create Now I could create stories by combining them in a manner that that just keeps me inspired and motivated to follow my dreams. And sitting in an office cubicle.

I was surrounded by reminders of my dreams every day.

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