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Conclusion - Your New Reputation As a Great Listener!

2 minutes
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Congratulations, if you've made it this far, it means you actually want to improve your listening skills. The good thing about listening skills is so much of it is simply about the desire. A lot of things in life aren't like that I can desire to be an Olympic downhill skier, not going to happen. I can desire to dunk a basketball, not gonna happen. But just desiring, just wanting to be a good listener is a huge part of what will make anyone successful, anyone can be a good listener. I've hope I've given you some tools, and you actually perhaps, took a few notes as we went through this course together.

But if you didn't have one last chance to take notes, eliminate all distractions when you're listening to someone get rid of the cell phones, computers, noise music, just listen. clear your mind of what all the other things distractions are buzzing in and out of your brain and just listen to the person trying to have open body language really look at them. Lean forward, not sort of sit back, or sloppy like you're falling asleep. And don't interrupt. Don't try to show them how smart you are. Just listen to them.

If you're really not certain what they said or you miss something, it's okay to say I apologize. Could you just repeat the last thing I didn't quite catch it. It's also okay and good to show some empathy. Let them realize, you know that what they're talking about must have been stressful or difficult or fascinating. And then finally, when they have finished a point, when there's a pause and you're not interrupting, it's okay to ask questions. It's okay to ask questions when you're listening to someone.

Take notes, but don't try to transcribe everything. And when you're looking at notes at the end, try to summarize it say hey, it's getting this right, what you really want me to do is Bobo, summarize at the end of the briefing, the talk of the conversation, give the person a chance to correct you, or also to just make sure you really got it. Finally, that little extra special something to be used with clients bosses and not in every single communication, but for important ones. Send them an actual email summarizing all the important points you heard, and what you think they want you to do. Do that do those things consistently. And your listening skills will be one of your best assets in your whole toolkit of soft skills that will help propel your entire career upwards.

I'm TJ Walker. Thanks so much for listening to me.

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