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It Is Incredibly Easy to See How Well You Are Listening - Test

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What did I just say? Yeah, I mean in this course, what did I just say the previous lecture, and the lectures you've heard so far. I want you to take a moment, don't cheat. Don't go back and rewatch them. I want you just to think to yourself, write down, post it right here in the discussion. What you've taken away so what have you heard me say?

Now, this is kind of the hardest place to really communicate effectively, because it's not live. Some of you may be watching this on a cell phone and there's all sorts of crazy people running around in the subway or the train were you on so it is distracting. But you signed up for this course you're investing your valuable time. So you investing money. Why not? get something out of it?

Why not start using this skill right away? Why not start building this moment? muscle in you actually listening. So I want you to write down and it could be nothing this guy's boring. Put it down. Write it down in the discussion.

Let's see how you're doing so far.

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