Housekeeping Note: Sometimes You should Turn OFF Your Listening Skills

1 minutes
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This is more of a housekeeping note than a full on lecture. But it's important to realize what we're talking about here. Listening skills in the workplace. Now, many, if not most of the skills are also applicable to every other part of your life. But I don't want to kid you, I'm not expecting you to be a robot. I'm not a robot, no one can listen, with 100% intensity all the time.

In fact, I'd argue that's counterproductive. If you have some idiot uncle who's spouting off on some extremist political ideology at the Thanksgiving table. It's frankly better for your own mental sanity, to not listen very well just kind of be daydreaming about something else. You may have a spouse who is complaining about your gray hair or something else, and it just doesn't pay to listen to the same old argument again and get defensive. And have a debate. Sometimes it can, in fact be helpful to just not smile and not really listening.

But when it comes to business communication that's different. That's what the rest of this course is all about. But by all means, I'm human, you're human. Feel free to turn off the listing skills at certain points during the day and in life.

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