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Reading the Speaker's Body

3 minutes
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Speaking of body language, you need to focus on the body language of the person speaking to you. Are they agitated? Are they getting red in the face, he really better pay attention because what they're talking about is critically important to them. Now, different people have different styles. Some people can be very angry, and speak low key soft, and monitor. So you don't really know but the more you're around colleagues, executives, bosses, higher ups, clients, customers, you will get a sense of their range of communication styles, how they express themselves and how abusive they are.

Some people may be wildly demonstrative all the time. Hey, everybody, let's go and have a coffee break and it isn't really putting a spotlight on anything important. Other people are more restrained. Have a lot smaller body language, they're less than fatik. But if this is something we really want, we have to have this report ready by five o'clock Friday to give to the client. And you see that their hands are moving more, their eyes are getting bigger, their eyebrows are going up more, you need to really make a note.

This is something that's not a nice to have. It's a gotta have, it's critically important. There is a high level of importance to this. So you always need to be looking at the body language, facial expressions of the person you're speaking with and the person who's trying to talk to you. This is why I highly recommend that given a choice. talking to clients customers prospects.

Try rather than default to the phone to speak to them either on Skype video, zoom, FaceTime, Facebook video for that matter. I'm not here to promote any one particular platform what I am pro on is being able to see someone's face because there's so much communication that comes out. When you see someone's face, it's actually easier to understand what they're saying to watching someone's lips. I realize you don't think of yourself as a lip reader most likely, but it's much easier for comprehension. If you can see someone speak. I'm sure you've had situations before where it was hard to understand someone over the phone, perhaps they had a foreign accent different from yours.

But when you met with them in person, it was much easier to understand so that's why I'm a big fan of trying if you can't meet face to face at least have a video component. Anytime I have a prospect call me for my immediate training public speaking service. I try to get them from the phone to live Skype video as quickly as possible. It's infinitely easier for me to really listen to them carefully hear them get a sense of what's important to them. And also going back the other way, when I really want my prospects to listen to me. I never just send a text proposal, I always create a personalized video proposal for every single prospect who reaches out to me where I can talk to them about their specific communication needs, their people and how I would help them.

So please keep that in mind.

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