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Mastering the Art Of NOT Interrupting

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Shut up. I'm sorry, I realized that sounds rude. And you're not supposed to tell people to shut up, especially in the workplace. But that is literally what I want you to do when you're listening to someone, too many of us, we hear a part of what someone said, we want to show them. We're smart, we're impatient. So we hop right in.

Yeah, yeah, I got it. And actually, we don't know what they're gonna say we interrupted them. So, and I still face challenges with this, I'll hear a prospect say something that I've heard it 1000 times before and I just know where they're going. And I might be right. But if I interrupt them, when they've called me for the first time, I run the risk of them thinking I'm rude. And I run the risk of sending a message to them.

This guy isn't really going to listen to us. He's just there to give his generic stuff out. So I want to caution you, you may think you're interrupting to be a part of the conversation, you may think you're interrupting to show how smart you are, because a brilliant question has popped up. There are times to ask questions. But initially when someone is speaking to you, let them finish their main points. certainly do not interrupt them mid sentence, it's rude, it'll be perceived as rude, and you're gonna mess up their flow, they may be putting together a relatively complex argument for you.

Where the fourth point doesn't make sense outside the context of the first three points. And by interrupting them after the second point, going off over here to answer your question. They never get to the third or fourth even though they thought they did because they know they started talking about that. So crucial to Wait, wait until there's a pause. Wait until the person has finished most of it. There's a lot of different signals we'll get into but the biggest point right now, don't interrupt.

When a client customer, prospect or boss is speaking to you.

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