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Connecting At the Emotional Level with Your Colleague To Hear All

1 minutes
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All of us think and talk at least two different levels. There's the intellectual level and then there's the emotional level. When you are listening to someone speak, you need to, of course, listen to the actual words and figure out the intellectual content, their messages of what they're saying. But you always have to listen to the emotional side. How do they feel about what they're talking about? As we mentioned earlier, it could be something in their body language, if they are agitated and their faces read, you know, they might be angry or upset.

But sometimes it's just going to come out in their voice, are they raising their voice? Sometimes to be really serious and underline something? People will whisper. really listen to them, watch them and try to get a sense of how do they feel about the messages they're conveying to you customers, prospects, bosses colleagues are communicating all the time with us. Not everything is of equal importance. They're not necessarily going to tell you, this is the most important thing I've said to you in the last month.

Sometimes you simply have to pick up on that, based on their emotional side, the emotional way they're packaging their message. So you've got to listen. Voice louder, softer. Sometimes it's because they're speaking faster. There's a sense of urgency. Sometimes it is, in fact, the body language.

So you've got to look, listen to every aspect of what they're doing with their body, not doing what their body doing with their voice, not doing with their voice, to figure out exactly what they're trying to communicate at an emotional level.

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