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About the Class

Listening Skills are the quiet soft skills sauce that can make or break a career. Have you ever had a client, customer, boss or colleague have to repeat things to you several times? Or look at you as if they weren't sure you were understanding them, or even paying attention?

The ultimate form of respect you can give anyone in the workplace is listening to them. Strong listening skills seem easy and commonplace, but they are actually rare in most workplaces. Communications expert TJ Walker will teach you step-by-step how to build, strengthen and master excellent listening skills in this course.

"Listening skills are the bedrock of all communication and are the basis of all success in the workplace. I have devoted the last 30 years of my life traveling the globe to teach strong listening and communication skills to people of every continent. Now, I am happy to be teaching and coaching you." TJ Walker

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking these listening skills in the workplace course?

  • Focus attention on a speaker

  • Listen with great attention

  • Understand spoken information delivered in the workplace

  • Retain information delivered from clients, colleagues, customers, and bosses

  • Create better connections with everyone in the workplace

  • Improve all work relationships

  • Become a better communicator

  • Demonstrate mastery of listening skills

Please note: this is a listening skills course conducted by a real person who is speaking and demonstrating communication skills. If you are looking for a course with lots of animation, slides, special effects, slick edits, and robotic voices, this course is not for you.

Please enroll now.

You will enhance your communication skillspresentation skills, and storytelling skills after completing this listening skills course.

Who this course is for:
  • Junior executives
  • Account representatives
  • Line workers
  • Managers
  • People who aren't good listeners
  • Md and senior executives


TJ Walker

Best-Selling Public Speaking Instructor
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TJ Walker has created numerous best-selling courses in the fields of public speaking, presentation skills, media training, communication skills and personal development. Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting public speaking training workshops and seminars since 1984. Walker has trained Presidents of...

Class Requirements

  • A willingness to listen to others
  • A desire to learn from colleagues, customers, clients, and bosses
  • A yearning for advancement

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 58 minutes
21 Videos
2 Documents
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