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The Radical Yet Simple Solution To Finding Great Messages

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How do you know what messages will actually work on your audience? Now, here's a radical idea for you. Ask people. Yeah, I love Google and the internet and all that, but sometimes just going up to people and asking them, what issues are of greatest interest to them can be the most helpful. I remember many years ago, I was working with a political candidate who was running for Supervisor of Elections, and accounting in Florida. And this was after a whole situation where voting machines didn't work.

The current supervisor of election was going to be voted out of office, there was no doubt. And people were upset their vote didn't count. So all of a sudden there are about 10 candidates running for this Supervisor of Elections position my candidate had about the least money of any of the candidates. All of the candidates were running around town saying democracy is paramount. Your vote is essential. And I have a nice law degree and they had nice and suits ties on.

They look professional. They all sounded like statesman. And they were all sounding as if they were running for, you know, basically President of the United States. My candidate had to figure out a way of cutting through this. So I asked Diane, so what have you done that's different from other people. So well, I actually went to the factory where they make the voting machines, and I got certified to fix it.

So Okay, that sounds good. It was a one day certification process. So I just went around and asked voters, what are you really looking for in a Supervisor of Elections and everyone said the same thing. Generally care about that all I want is someone will make the machines work. So my vote counts. Again, and again.

I heard that now this didn't cost any money. We didn't have money for extensive polling. But what we did We got rid of all the messages about, you know, 15 years in the coladas and you know, the boy scout, membership cup masters representation, leadership as it get rid of all of that in the candidates messaging. And instead, ion focused on a clear, simple message. I'm the only candidate who has been certified to repair these voting machines. you vote for me, I'll make sure the machines work.

And your vote will count three simple messages and less money than anyone. He won the primary. He won the general election. And now actually, many decades later, he's still in office. Because of just asking people, what do they care about? And narrowing it down?

In this case, it wasn't even five messages. It was three messages. So whatever you do, It's not enough to just tell people all your credentials. Whether you're trying to get a new piece of business, new consulting, investment or being hired for a job, you've got to focus on what the person or people you're presenting to actually care about.

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