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Life's a Pitch: The Movie

Learn confidence and communication skills to grow as an individual.

Life's a Pitch: The Movie

Learn confidence and communication skills to grow as an individual.
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About the Class

Written and presented by Katie Casey, director, and partner at ID Partnership, the course is split over 10 chapters. Each one incorporates elements of the collective communication experience the ID partners have forged out of a reputation delivering outstanding communication, impact, and authentic leadership training for over 20 years.

With an impactful and essential look at the 10 most important takeaways in presenting, this dynamic introduction to presenting is for anyone new to presentations and is delivered in a fun, creative, warm, and engaging way. Directed by award-winning director Matt Taylor, it features interviews from some of the most respected players in brand and communication, Jackie Cooper, Phil Dobson, and Sue Appelby. Specialist chapters on Microsoft PowerPoint, body language, and voice help compliment key structural ideas, and a downloadable accompanying handbook makes sure all your learning stays in one place. This practical and truly unique film will take new presenters from blank page to finished product, helping them find the confidence they need to take center stage.

So whether you are brushing up on your communication skills or starting from scratch, sit back, grab the popcorn and enjoy the experience of Life's a Pitch: The Movie.


Katie Casey

Positive Coaching Psychologist and Trainer
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Katie is Director and Partner at ID Partnership, a training consultancy specialising in authentic Leadership, Communication skills and Impact training. As a coach with over 17 years business experience, she is a consultant for top executives from the world of Television, Retail, Banking and Hospitality, and has designed and delivered...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes
12 Videos
12 Documents
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