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About the Class

This is a bite-size course to learn Microsoft PowerPoint in a short time.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Bold
  3. Italics
  4. Underline
  5. Text Shadow
  6. Strikethrough
  7. Character Spacing
  8. Change Case
  9. Text Highlighting
  10. Change Text Color
  11. Change Font
  12. Change Font Size
  13. Bullets and Numbering
  14. Create Tables
  15. Insert Pictures
  16. Edit Image 1
  17. Edit Image 2
  18. Edit Image 3
  19. Create Shapes
  20. Create Shapes 2
  21. Insert Icons
  22. Insert SmartArt
  23. Insert Charts
  24. Insert Textbox
  25. Insert Header and Footer
  26. Insert WordArt
  27. Insert Equation
  28. Insert Symbols
  29. Insert Videos
  30. Theme
  31. Format Background
  32. Design Ideas
  33. Transition
  34. Animating Objects and Text
  35. Slideshows
  36. Spelling
  37. Print
  38. Print 2 or 3 slides
  39. Export Handouts

Class Requirements

  • You should have basic computer knowledge
  • You should have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your PC/Mac
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What's included in the class?

 41 video lessons

Class Authors

Svbook Pte Ltd

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SVBook Pte. Ltd. started in April 2016. SVBook Pte. Ltd. offers affordable, easy to read Data Mining, Text Mining, Data Analytics, Programming books for professional and lifelong learning. SVBook Pte. Ltd. offers courses at EMHAcademy. SVBook Pte. Ltd. developed softwares over the time, and uploaded them at DSTK.Tech. SVBook Pte. Ltd. courses, books and softwares assists people to step into new fields of Data Science, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and etc. before going into more advanced courses at Coursera and EdX, which are at University Level.

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