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Guide to Unblock Creativity and Have Original Ideas

Learn about more than 30 tools to potentialize your creative process and have innovative ideas.

Guide to Unblock Creativity and Have Original Ideas

Learn about more than 30 tools to potentialize your creative process and have innovative ideas.
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About the Class

Creativity is not a divine gift conceded only to a few. It is a heritage of everyone, but people lose their creative potential through life due to many different reasons. But don’t worry, it can be turned around with the combination of knowledge, tools, exercises, and tasks. It is possible to bring back to life the creativity inside you. For this reason, this course presents all the stages of the creative process and, for each phase, it teaches a collection of tools and techniques which aim to stimulate and guide creativity.

In total, you will learn more than thirty tools and techniques which stimulate the creative process. They come from different areas and are not restricted only to the famous brainstorming and mind maps. Of course, such tools are also explained in the course, but you will learn many others to support creativity, which will help you think outside the box and have original ideas. To make your life easier, all these tools are accompanied by support materials that were developed exclusively for this course and that can be downloaded and printed in order to be used where and when you need them.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Ways to identify opportunities and have ideas, through tools such as convergence map, behavioral tendencies map, popular media scanning, amongst others.
  • Forms to collect data that relate directly or indirectly to your idea, like eras map, types of innovation evaluation, sociocultural scanning, etc.
  • Tips to incubate your idea with the development of activities and challenges, based on creative idleness.
  • Many practices to warm up your ideas, such as Tool 635, scamper, 4 types of brainstorming, mind map, word cloud, amongst others.
  • Practices to illuminate and evaluate your ideas, like stakeholder evaluation, 6 hats, role-playing game, and attributes evaluation, etc.
  • Ways to elaborate your idea through moodboards, Canvas, storyboard, 5W1H, and others.
  • You will get to know tools to evaluate your idea with potential users, partners and in the market.


Bruna Ruschel

PhD in Design and Master in Strategic Design
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Hello! My name is Bruna and I am PhD in Design, Master in Strategic Design, Specialist in Graphic Expression and Bachelor in Fashion Design. I am also Post-Doctorate in Design in order to research the European Design Market and translate such knowledge to my books and online courses. I have a passion for teaching and for this reason I dedicated...

Natalia Plentz

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Class Contents

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
46 Videos
5 Documents
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