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Video Editing using Your Smartphone

Learn how to edit video on your iPhone or Android using the app Kinemaster.

Video Editing using Your Smartphone

Learn how to edit video on your iPhone or Android using the app Kinemaster.
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What's included in the class?

 14 video lessons

About the Class

Hi, my name is Heather. I've been editing video professionally since 2003 and for the past couple years, teaching others how to shoot and edit great-looking video on their smartphones.

Video is everywhere. If you have a business to market, a message to share, an audience to communicate with, or memories to preserve, video is the key to your success.

But creating and publishing video can be intimidating. Very few of us are born comfortable in front of the camera. Rarely is every shot you take perfect. Editing video quickly and efficiently is the answer to those challenges.

Imagine being able to edit out all the “um’s” and “ah’s” from a short talk you record of yourself, or splicing together only the best sixty seconds of footage from a recent family trip.

Together we're going to learn how to use Kinemaster, an app compatible with iOS and Android, to edit your first video project.

This course is aimed at people new to editing on their smartphone and will cover all the basics you need to get going. We'll start right at the beginning, working our way through step by step.

I hope you enjoy this class.

Class Requirements

  • An iPhone, Android, iPad or Tablet
  • Kinemaster app

Class Authors

Heather Hubbard

Video Creator at Video Service Hub
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Video is everywhere. More video content is uploaded every thirty days than major television networks created in the last thirty years. Whether it’s to sell an idea, market your business or create cool vacation videos, no doubt you’ve thought about making videos. But it can be intimidating. It’s daunting to get in front of a camera, make...
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