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The Love Your Body Formula

Learn how your thoughts about your body is destroying your self-confidence and how to change them.

The Love Your Body Formula

Learn how your thoughts about your body is destroying your self-confidence and how to change them.
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About the Class

Almost everyone is concerned about their body image. You're too fat; you're too thin, your nose doesn't look right, you're too tall, you're too short, your hair is too curly or too straight. Your self-talk about your body can destroy your self-confidence. That inner critic keeps going round and round in your head.

In this course, you'll learn what your body image is as well as what makes a healthy body image and what makes an unhealthy body image.

Did you know that society holds impossible standards for good looks? That only 5% of the population looks like the beautiful and handsome people you see in magazines and on television? And that photos of these "beautiful people" are airbrushed to make them look perfect, just like the photo below? What about the other 95%? Well, companies have a very good answer. Buy their products. Only then will you look like these "beautiful people."

Since your self-talk determines your self-confidence to a large extent, you need to change your self-talk from negative to positive about your body image. You'll learn tools to develop healthy self-talk so that you can accept yourself, develop a healthy body image, and love yourself. Don't you want to do that?

With each section, you will receive at least one exercise to complete to incorporate what you've learned into your own life. I suggest that you write the exercises in a notebook to help you work through the principles and skills I'm teaching so you can see where you are and how to apply them to your life and daily interactions with others.

All of my courses contain guided visualizations and songs throughout. They are downloadable, so you will always have them to enjoy and grow with. My courses are intended to take you on a personal journey to understanding yourself and guiding you on a dynamic path of self-discovery to greater self-esteem and self-confidence. I hope you join me!


Vivian Harte

Teacher of Self-Confidence
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I am delighted to be teaching self-confidence to you! I have been a teacher for many years. I taught college classes in the classroom for over 14 years at a community college and a private university, and I currently teach online classes on assertiveness, self-confidence, and teamwork. I have helped over 15,000 people learn and use...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 46 minutes
4 Videos
9 Audio Files
4 Documents
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