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The epidemic of stress has completely diminished today's quality of life. The growth of mindfulness has become a leading topic in today's world. Every day, more and more people are drawn to leading more mindful and heart-centered lives.

This class will cover the basics to help you jumpstart your mindfulness revolution.

What will you learn in this course?

  • What mindfulness is?
  • 3 Different mindfulness exercises.
  • The benefits of meditation.
  • Different types of meditation.

About the instructors

Erica Russo

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Mentor
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Erica Russo is a Psychic Medium & Spiritual Mentor. Through her readings, she has helped hundreads of people connect to passed loved ones and gain clarity on certain areas of their lives. Through her monthly membership option, she helps other sensitive souls trust their intuition and become the best version of themselves.

She is the host of The Intuitive Souls Podcast which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Sticher, and google play and offers listeners the chance to listen and learn about subject across the spirituality spectrum.

When she isn't working or spending time with her family, Erica enjoys long walks in nature, a good book, and spending time by a fire with good food, good wine, and good people.

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