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Quantum Jump to a Parallel Timeline

Utilise the new earth energies to Quantum Jump to a new Timeline of your choosing

Quantum Jump to a Parallel Timeline

Utilise the new earth energies to Quantum Jump to a new Timeline of your choosing
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NEW: Quantum Jump to a Parallel Timeline Healing Activation

Do you want to live a better life? Is there a better version of you in a parallel timeline? Fast track your life using the new, elevated earth energies for your Quantum Jump. Discover how to Quantum Jump to a Parallel Timeline of your choosing.

You create a new reality of your choosing:

  • Financial abundance

  • Self-love and confidence

  • Loving relationships

  • Soulmate connection

  • Health and vitality, etc.

What is Quantum Jumping?

Quantum Jumping is a process where you project a desired result or state of being that is different from your existing situation. By observing the new reality and changing your energetic state, this will initiate a shift into that alternate reality.

To catapult your jump/shift to a new reality, this Quantum Jump uses advanced energy techniques to bring coherence to the brain waves in gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta for your desired outcome.

The idea behind quantum jumping is that you are living in a multiverse of parallel universes. Usually, these alternate realities have no connection to one another.

Connecting to other timelines

The connection is so complete that you can walk into another place and time. Even though both of “you” still exists in the Universe, your awareness of the new reality merges in your current reality, often leaving the other out of reach, out of sight, and out of mind.

The jump can occur through a wormhole through time and space—this connection forms a bridge that allows you to experience a quantum jump to end up in another reality physically.

To experience positive and powerful quantum jumps, you must practice a conscious state of love and fearlessness while taking affirmative action in keeping with the reality of your desires.

This Quantum Jump includes an advanced healing protocol that energetically moves you to a different timeline of the things you want. You can decide which area of timeline you want to parallel jump.

 What type of energy is utilized in the Quantum Jump?

This Quantum Jump is designed so the changes occur safely without any healing crisis or adverse effects. It is intended to release only the right amount of energy to enter your energy field that will give flow and a positive outcome.

The Universal energy is directly accessed to gain assistance from the Guardians, enlightened beings, and ensures it contains the organic, source energy.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says “If you want to change a belief or perception, you have to first change your state of being. And changing your state of being means changing your energy because, in order for you to affect matter, you have to become more energy and less matter, more wave and less particle.”   

Connecting to the right energy

The Quantum Jump is connected to the powerful energy of the Forensic Healing system which Marisa has spent years cultivating. Forensic Healing attracts the most amazing, powerful healers in the world.

In Forensic Healing community, we maintain a positive energy policy, so the energy stays in integrity and offers powerful life-changing experiences. It is necessary to ensure your energy is aligned more than 50% of your desired outcome, so it doesn't cause a healing crisis due to the contrast in energy.

As a healing crisis can be a side effect of healing, this Quantum Jump contains safety guards, so your transition occurs smoothly, without side-effects. The more you work through these processes, the more effective the changes will be.

Quantum Jump to a Parallel Timeline includes:

Video 1 Introduction and explanation of the Quantum Jump

This video contains a brief introduction to Marisa Russo, the explanation of a quantum jump, and the energy used behind it.

Video 2 How the Quantum Jump works

This video describes/explains the statements and meanings in the Quantum Jump to a Parallel Timeline protocol.

Video 3 Quantum Jump Examples

This video is a brief snapshot of Marisa when she Quantum Jumps her clients to a new reality. It shows how people with decades of health problems can Quantum Jump into a new reality of well-being in minutes.

Video 4 Experience the Quantum Jump

This video contains the Quantum Jump to a New Timeline protocol for you to directly receive into your energy field.

BONUS: This includes a copy of the Quantum Jump Protocol for yourself and a Quantum Jump Protocol if you are a practitioner. Plus an article on Quantum Jumping, the science behind it, types of Quantum Jumping and how to catapult your Quantum Jump

Video 5 Where to from here?

This explanation video provides the steps to continue your Quantum Jumping to a new Timeline.

Video 6 Morning meditation

This morning nine-minute meditation creates and infuses the right energy for your day to be amazing and positive to catapult the effects of the Quantum Jump.

Video 7 Bonus: Evening meditation

This video contains a twenty-minute evening meditation you can play before bed or play while you fall asleep to enter your consciousness to reprogram your mind for a new reality. This meditation is recommended that you use in conjunction with the Quantum Jump protocol to advance your results.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to change their reality, regain the power of their mind and reprogram it
  • Anyone needing assistance to shift their life in a better direction
  • Anyone who acknowledges that the power of their life is contained within them


  • Understanding/application of Law of Attraction to get maximum results

About the instructors

Marisa Russo

Founder of Forensic Healing
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Marisa is an international award-winning teacher, author, speaker and alternative therapist. She’s been pursuing her mission to heal herself and others for 30 years. The media refer to Marisa as the ‘Sherlock Holmes of Healing’. 

She has a mind that never stops questioning, digging for answers and solutions. She thrives on solving the most challenging health conditions and life circumstances.

After working with thousands of clients over the years, Marisa knows the mind set, the healing processes and techniques that really work to help people heal.

But It Wasn’t Always This Way For Marisa

“I didn’t always want to be an alternative therapist. In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d amount to anything. I was 40 before I had the first, genuine liberating thought that I might actually have something to contribute to the world!

I was emotionally, physically and sexually abused as a child. I grew up feeling worthless and alone. A raft of addictions masked my pain. I was totally dysfunctional. My body and emotions were riddled with so much suffering that life seemed futile and death a welcoming option.

For many years I travelled the globe, desperate to overcome and escape the chronic pain, fatigue, addictions and illnesses that resulted from years of abuse. The unrelenting pain led me to seek alternative therapy only because traditional doctors said I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life – an extreme prophecy that I wasn’t about to accept!” 

Marisa tried many different therapies and studied more than 60 courses. $310,000 later she discovered her healing gift. Through clearing her own condition, her energetic connection had grown so strong that she could read a person’s body to accurately determine the cause of their condition and know how to bring relief.

Marisa Russo, author of “Freeing the Unloved Girl” is the founder of the award-winning healing system, Forensic Healing and Get the Universe Working For You workshop. Based in Melbourne, Australia she facilitates these workshops locally, nationally and globally.

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