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Declutter Your Mind with Self Care

The Key to Happiness is Self Care. Discover Self Care as a tool for creating positive change in your mental health, behaviours, and well-being.

Declutter Your Mind with Self Care

The Key to Happiness is Self Care. Discover Self Care as a tool for creating positive change in your mental health, behaviours, and well-being.
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A lack of understanding of your own personal Self-Care can lead you to feel depressed, anxious, and hopeless in how to feel well. As an alternative to traditional therapy, this course aims to overcome all 3 of those challenges, by guiding you through what Self-Care is AND practical strategies for creating your very own Self-Care Plan.

Join Professional Organizers, Emilio, and Samantha, as they share with you their expertise from an inspiring outdoor location in Tobermory, Ontario (Canada).

This course covers:

  • Creating definitions for Self-Care taught onsite in an inspiring location (Tobermory, Ontario)

  • Learning how to create a personalized Self-Care Plan 

  • Techniques for recognizing and understanding the need for Self-Care and Mindfulness.

  • Resources to contribute to further learning and maximizing life-long results

There are many benefits to understanding Self-Care. You become a more aware and empowered person to manage your own health. You will develop positive habits that reinforce this new way of living, so it's a life-long investment of your time spent learning.

Your ability to be open-minded and change your current behavior will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life including work, relationships, and overall mental health.


This course is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to better understand Self-Care.

You'll learn how to define and recognize the need for Self-Care, but also how to apply strategies to manage your depression and anxiety.

By the end of this course, you'll have valuable skills that will help you feel confident in living a healthy lifestyle.


You are ready to create a plan for looking after your mental & physical health.

You would like to learn more about what Self Care is.

No additional resources are required.

Anyone who wants to learn about how to manage & treat their mental health.

Anyone who wants to develop a Self Care plan.

People who are interested in alternatives to therapy for depression and anxiety.

About the instructors

Emilio And Samantha - Kw Professional Organizers

Organization, Minimalism & Self Care
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Emilio Jose Garcia and Samantha Kristoferson are the co-founders of KW Professional Organizers. Since 2012, together they have helped hundreds of individuals gain control over their Personal, Home, and Businesses organization.

They are two passionate and enthusiastic educators who keep their audiences inspired. Their story is unique and so is their approach to education, after all, learning should always be fun!

In 2017 they co-authored their first Hardcover Book, A Recipe for an Extraordinary Life. Organization | Minimalism | Self Care. They speak nationally on the topic of Organization.

They currently live in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. They try every day to live their truth -- if you want to learn more about them visit their website.

They are available for one on one coaching/mentoring sessions worldwide in English and Spanish!

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