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Get the Universe Working For You Complete Course Modules 1-4

Discover the Secret Language of the Universe and its Messages to You to Release Your Blocks

Get the Universe Working For You Complete Course Modules 1-4

Discover the Secret Language of the Universe and its Messages to You to Release Your Blocks
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Get the Universe Working for You will uncover your blocks and obstacles to manifest abundance, relationships, health, career, and happiness.

You will discover the secret language of the Universe and how to communicate with the Universe to get exactly what you want! When you change your inner being you change your outer world, therefore the things you attract. This course is for those who want to dig deep and remove the negative conditioning once and for all that holds you back.

Even if you are a newbie to understanding how your life is influenced or well-versed in universal concepts or self-development, there is something new you'll discover about yourself and the Universe. Guaranteed a life-changing experience as you become empowered, awakened, released, free and more spiritually aligned. Time to stop living groundhog day, get off the rat-wheel and disconnect from the Matrix. Please note: this course is specifically designed for women.

These essential life skills reveal techniques to access your innate healing powers, discernment, intuitive abilities, and personal guidance system.

  • Analyze the Messages Life is Giving You
  • Use Your Body and Science to Read the Universal Messages
  • Remove Negative Cords, Curses, and Imprints from Past Stresses/Traumas
  • Tap Into Spiritual Guidance to Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Restore Your Vitality by Removing Connections that Siphon Your Energy
  • Reverse the Negative Patterns and Beliefs that Control Your Life
  • Convert Problems into Your Power to Rebuilding A New Foundation

Who this course is for:

  • You feel something is missing in your life
  • You are searching for life’s answers or feeling stuck
  • You want to break through the glass ceiling barriers
  • You care about humanity and the planet
  • You are open to innovative ideas and concepts
  • You lead in your industry or want to become a leader
  • You want to know the secrets of success
  • You want to change your life to something better
  • You recognize changes come within first for you to get what you want


  • Resources to watch videos online, ability to follow steps and complete exercises outlined in the workbook

About the instructors

Marisa Russo

Founder of Forensic Healing
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Marisa is an international award-winning teacher, author, speaker and alternative therapist. She’s been pursuing her mission to heal herself and others for 30 years. The media refer to Marisa as the ‘Sherlock Holmes of Healing’. 

She has a mind that never stops questioning, digging for answers and solutions. She thrives on solving the most challenging health conditions and life circumstances.

After working with thousands of clients over the years, Marisa knows the mind set, the healing processes and techniques that really work to help people heal.

But It Wasn’t Always This Way For Marisa

“I didn’t always want to be an alternative therapist. In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d amount to anything. I was 40 before I had the first, genuine liberating thought that I might actually have something to contribute to the world!

I was emotionally, physically and sexually abused as a child. I grew up feeling worthless and alone. A raft of addictions masked my pain. I was totally dysfunctional. My body and emotions were riddled with so much suffering that life seemed futile and death a welcoming option.

For many years I travelled the globe, desperate to overcome and escape the chronic pain, fatigue, addictions and illnesses that resulted from years of abuse. The unrelenting pain led me to seek alternative therapy only because traditional doctors said I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life – an extreme prophecy that I wasn’t about to accept!” 

Marisa tried many different therapies and studied more than 60 courses. $310,000 later she discovered her healing gift. Through clearing her own condition, her energetic connection had grown so strong that she could read a person’s body to accurately determine the cause of their condition and know how to bring relief.

Marisa Russo, author of “Freeing the Unloved Girl” is the founder of the award-winning healing system, Forensic Healing and Get the Universe Working For You workshop. Based in Melbourne, Australia she facilitates these workshops locally, nationally and globally.

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