Brainstorming Masterclass: Plan and Outline Any Project

Cut through writer’s block, create a daily writing practice, and achieve your writing goals with brainstorming methods.

Brainstorming Masterclass: Plan and Outline Any Project

Cut through writer’s block, create a daily writing practice, and achieve your writing goals with brainstorming methods.
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About the Class

Master Your Project, Writing, and Course Creation Goals in This Task-Oriented Course on Brainstorming and Organization Strategies.

Got writer's block? Not sure where to start? Feeling stuck? This course will help you master your writing and project goals.  Learn various methods of generating, clarifying, and organizing ideas through brainstorming, from the beginning of a project to the end. Master your goals with the following tools in the course:

  • Cut writer's block
  • Use brainstorming for creative processes
  • Organize and build ideas from scratch
  • Course creators and entrepreneurs can achieve their goals
  • NIne types of brainstorming for different situations
  • What brainstorm techniques are appropriate for each situation
  • How to do each brainstorm technique
  • An example of each brainstorm
  • How to convert your brainstorm into a project
  • How to explore different methods to find what works for you

Stop Striving and Start Thriving!

  • Learn the "Rules of Writing Practice" by Natalie Goldberg as a foundation for all kinds of writing
  • Practice free writing techniques to overcome writer's block and create a daily writing practice
  • Utilize questioning techniques to generate perspectives on a topic from different angles and explore and expand on course creation concepts
  • Use organizer techniques to overcome writer's block, build courses and writing pieces from the ground up, and learn how to structure ideas

**Please note that the course's name has been changed to more accurately reflect your needs, the student. It was called Tips and Prompts to Begin the Writing Process. You will see this name in the slideshows and videos, but it is still the same course. Thanks!**

Overcome Writer's Block, Create a Daily Writing Practice, and Achieve Your Writing Goals

For experienced and new writers, almost everyone has used a brainstorming technique. But how many people have a whole toolbox of strategies to help them generate and organize ideas for virtually any project? This course provides you with just that.

If you've ever been fishing, you know that same hook and bait will not work for every fish. In the same way, the same brainstorming technique will not work for every situation.

This course covers nine specific brainstorming strategies in three categories. These strategies will help you achieve success in various situations, whether you are building a course concept, creating course organization and lectures, writing a short story or novel, working on a school project, or writing articles or blogs for profit. Everyone has to come up with ideas, and that can often be daunting.

This course gives you concrete tools, methods, and exercises to get you going on that project you've been putting off.

Who should take this course?

  • creative writers
  • course creators
  • entrepreneurs
  • bloggers
  • business writers
  • project creators
  • people who write for profit
  • journalists
  • academic writers
  • students
  • new writers
  • lifetime learners
  • copywriters

Course Content and Overview

The course for beginners and experienced writers, course creators, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are starting a project.

In nine lectures, you will learn various types of brainstorming, topic exploration, and organizing. As a writing professor and team lead at a major university, I have thirteen years' experience teaching thousands of students from all over the world writing techniques through supportive one-on-one and results-driven strategies.

In each lecture, you will learn the brainstorming technique, situations for which it is appropriate (and ones it isn't), how to do the technique, best practices for success, a specific exercise to get started, an example of the technique, and specific guidelines to transfer your exercise to your writing and project goals.

This class contains a bonus lecture for course creators that includes specific strategies for using these methods to plan, build, and organize your courses and lectures, as well as best practices for success. You will learn how to apply these strategies to building courses that will benefit build value for students and success for yourself. There is also a quick access guide for using the "Rules of Writing Practice."

Additionally, you will learn how to use these techniques to help you beat writer's block, get past perfectionism, generate ideas, understand your topic, build arguments, organize ideas, and see how they relate. You will also learn techniques to help you find the best pattern of organization in your writing or course, support major ideas effectively, spot gaps that need more consideration, and eliminate unneeded redundancies.

Students that complete the course will have a toolbox of strategies to help them overcome writer's block, create a daily practice, and achieve their writing and course creation goals. Don't put it off. Sign up for the course today, and let's get started!


Rachel Leroy

Writing & Book Coach, University Professor, & Healing Coach
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Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. --Albert Einstein-- Introduction As a teacher and lifelong learner, I'm excited to engage my creativity and expertise to help students and other learners engage in empowering learning experiences that will help...

Class Requirements

  • Basic English writing terms such as “brainstorming” and “outlining.”
  • Willingness to experiment with different writing methods.
  • A computer or pen and paper, an open mind, and a specific goal.

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes
14 Videos
5 Documents
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