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Oracle Apps R12 General Ledger Course

Learn Oracle R12 General Ledger Module in Oracle Apps R12 Financials.

Oracle Apps R12 General Ledger Course

Learn Oracle R12 General Ledger Module in Oracle Apps R12 Financials.
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What's included in the class?

 14 video lessons

About the Class

This course covers all the key areas of the functionality provided in Oracle General Ledger. Routine tasks such as journal processing, inquiries, and running reports are all covered within the syllabus, with extensive opportunities for learners to practice as the course progresses.

What will you learn in this course?

Key Flex Fields, Segments, Designing Charts of Accounts, Value Sets, Defining Currency and Calendar, Defining Primary Ledger, Creation of Journals, Open/Close Periods, Reverse Journals, Journal Batch, Recurring Journals, Suspense Journals, Statistical Journals, Mass Allocation, Budgets, Inter-company Journals, Journal Approval Process, Tax Journals, Currency Translation, Reporting Currency, Revaluation, Ledger Consolidation, Cross-Validation Rules, Standard Report (Trial Balance), FSG (Financial Statement Generator), Account Alias, Security Rules, Access Set.

Who should take this course?

This Oracle R12 General Ledger course is suitable for delegates who have no previous knowledge of Oracle Financials. It incorporates navigation skills training and thus fulfills a pre-requisite for most of the other Oracle Financials courses. Its intended audience comprises finance staff, those who provide support to them such as Systems Administrators, and those whose role includes some financial or budgetary responsibility, which requires them to use Oracle Financials.

Who is the target audience?

Any Graduate with Minimum Knowledge on Accounting.

Class Requirements

You should have a basic knowledge of Accounting.

Class Authors


Koduru Sridevi

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