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Welcome to your 3rd trimester

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Hello, everyone, welcome back to parently. Welcome to your third trimester. This is an exciting time you should be jumping up and down, you still can jump up and down because you're only 27 weeks, getting ready to start your third trimester. This your third trimester goes from the end of your 26th week, that means the beginning of your 27th week, up until your completion of your 14th week, which is your due date. So there's a lot to do in this trimester, block a lot. Now you're going to see your healthcare provider every two weeks until you're 36 weeks.

At 36 weeks. They're going to see you every week. They're going to they're going to continue doing exactly what they're doing, asking you if you have problems, checking your blood pressure, checking the urine, making sure there's no protein spilling in your urine, checking the fundal height Check into baby's heart tones. At 36 weeks, they will do a special swab called a group B strep. We'll have more discussion on that as we go forward. And then they're going to start examining your cervix to make sure that your cervix is dilating, thinning out and making sure that your baby's in the head down position that will start around your 38th week.

When you get to your due date, I hope you're delivered. But if you're not, then you fall into what's called the post term pregnancy. We'll talk about that on a different day. Welcome to your third trimester.

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