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Sex during pregnancy

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Hey, thanks for tuning into this video husband hero. I'm glad you're here. And today we're talking about sex. So can you have sex once your wife gets pregnant? And can you have sex postpartum after delivery? Well, the simple answer is yes.

The reason being scientifically is that there is a mucus plug that rests within your wife's cervix, protecting from any bacteria that might try and creep its way into the baby's uterine cavity during intercourse, not saying you're dirty person, but bacteria floats all around us. And it happens. So the mucus plug protects the baby from any of that bacteria. Now, the second aspect of can you have sex when your wife is pregnant is Does your wife want to have sex when she's pregnant? So this is gonna be something that you're going to want to have a conversation with her, you're gonna want to talk about it. But most importantly, you're just gonna want to be understanding you're gonna learn and be willing to help her along this journey.

And so that ought to be your biggest focus is being a servant to your wife. Now for me He was definitely a question of mine. And I definitely wanted to continue to have sex during pregnancy. But it needs to be something that is initiated by both of you, not just the demand on your part. I mean, simple as that. Alright, now what happens when your wife gets around 39 to 40 Weeks Pregnant near her due date.

Now your wife might come to you and say, hey, I've read some things and sex and having an orgasm can actually induce labor. And that's not scientifically true. But it has been known to assist labor and if anything, it won't be a bad thing. And if your wife comes to you saying, hey, let's have sex, well, sign me up. I'm going to be all about that. And you don't have to be concerned about the health or the delivery of your baby having sex during the 39 to 40 weeks.

Now your wife's going to be a little larger sparser belly is concerned. So you may have to try some different positions, she might have to come up to the edge of the bed and you stand off the side of the bed, you might have to lay behind her. There's a lot of different things you can try. You can stand and she can lean against the wall or something like that. There's a few different things you can try in order to make sure that you don't wanna lay on her stomach, that's the biggest thing is having sex during pregnancy near the later dates is you want to avoid pressure on her stomach, just out of precautionary measures. Now, she may not want to have sex during the 39 to 40 weeks, but if she does, you're perfectly safe in doing so.

Alright, now let's talk about postpartum that's after your baby has been delivered, your wife will go to a visit with her doctor about six weeks after delivery. And at that point, usually, the doctor will approve you and your wife to have sex once again. So clinically, six weeks is the timeframe after the baby has been delivered, that you can begin having sex, but you have to keep in mind that if your wife tore if she had a Syrian section, a C section, that there might still be some soreness there might still be some healing taking place. And sometimes people have been known to hold off from sex for up to six months. So this is something you're going to want to talk to your wife about and don't be in panic. Don't freak out.

Enjoy this time with your child. Enjoy this time. Other intimacy with your wife, but it's a conversation by conversation basis. Again, the biggest thing I can stress to you is servant leadership. Just continue to serve your wife, love your child and just enjoy this phase of your life with this newborn baby. Thanks for tuning into this video and I'll see you here on the next one.

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