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More body changes and baby development

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Hey Mama. Welcome back to parently. Today we are talking about your body changes and baby development in the third trimester. So you made it, you're here, and I know that you are wanting the end to come soon you want to see your baby and it will be here soon. So just be assured that you can get through this last little push before you hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. So your body changes in the third trimester.

You just finished a great trimester number two, you probably got to do a lot. Your nausea vomiting was gone. You had some energy. And now your bellies getting pretty big. It's in the way and you're getting tired of carrying that watermelon around inside of you. You're gonna want to sit down and it is important to take breaks.

But keep walking. keep getting on your legs, keeping healthy for baby Try to make sure that you're walking at least 30 minutes every day at a pretty brisk speed. You might feel a little bit of shortness of breath, because of the high blood volume. your uterus is pushing up on your diaphragm and it's hard for you to take a deep breath and just try to practice slow down, catch your breath if you need to. Also, by this time in your trimester, you've got a lot of weight pushing down, and it is not uncommon for women to develop hemorrhoids. If you start to feel pain in your rectal area, make sure that you talk to your healthcare provider about possible hemorrhoids.

Your legs are gonna start to feel a little twitchy at night, and you may develop varicose veins from again the pressure at your hip where you have circulation down into your legs and that circulation is just not as good. You might have some swelling in your legs because that fluid is getting displaced and having a hard time circular waiting up your legs. You're almost there. Keep pushing forward being encouraged. You are doing great. Let's talk about baby at this point.

Your baby is growing dramatically by your third trimester baby is gaining weight. that's mostly what baby's doing is just putting on weight. The developmental process has really all happened. And now baby needs to get bigger by week 28 your baby is delivered. We don't want baby to deliver yet but if baby were to be delivered, he or she would be able to survive. Now the baby would need a lot of support in the nick you but survival rates are very good at this point.

So by 28 weeks your baby is the size of a cantaloupe. So imagine yourself carrying around a little cantaloupe fast forward to week 32 your baby's the size of a coconut. The brain is developing very rapidly getting super smart their babies putting on about a half a pound per week. I'm sure you've noticed. All right now by week 36 baby is about the size of a bunch of bananas, babies putting on about one to two pounds a week, and babies getting ready to drop down into the birth canal and prepare for your delivery and week 40. The week that you are so excited to get here, baby is about the size of a watermelon by week 40 the baby's ready to come out baby is fully developed the baby's skull bones have not fused together.

The reason is because that birth canal is pretty small, and the head needs to be able to allow the skull bones to overlap to squeeze through the birth canal. After the baby's born, the skull will fuse together over time, so don't be alarmed that your baby will have some soft spots totally normal before the school fuses together. So this is the You and baby at your third trimester. Keep pushing forward. You're doing great and we will see you on the next video.

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