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Welcome to Pearently

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Welcome to Pearently Foundations, your complete pregnancy guide. We are going to coach you through preparing for pregnancy, first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, Labor & Delivery, and the postpartum period.


Hey Mama. Welcome to parently foundations, your complete pregnancy guide. We are going to take you from pre pregnancy preparing for a pregnancy through your first second third trimester, labor and delivery and your postpartum period. Dr. Boyd has over 26 years of experience in obstetrics, and myself, I am a mom, and I'm also a nurse and we are going to be your coaches inside of this course. We are so excited that you're here. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

You were created to do this the most beautiful journey of your life to carry and deliver the life growing inside of you. Yet a struggle in the world today is believing that you have the strength within yourself to be a mother. We women are surrounded by a world filled with fears and doubts about pregnancy, keeping us from experiencing the most beautiful and magical experience of our lives. We have the world against us. But we need Lee denier someone to be for us. A sisterhood that is for us.

A husband that is beside us. A doctor that is caring for us. Yet again, we have husbands that don't fully know how to understand us, lead us and serve as healthcare providers that don't have compassion for us and we forget that God is always for us. You have this deep desire to feel invited into a community safe in your husband's arms confident in your doctor's care and safe in God's hands. You want someone that can equip you for the road ahead because it is a hard road, the road not yet traveled. The gravel road of body changes, emotional changes and big life changes.

We get frustrated, overwhelmed and we're ill equipped and we feel alone and attack. By our uncertainties in our heads, we want to know how to put all of our wants, needs and desires together because it's not just having a baby. We want to know how to feel whole in motherhood. We want all that's needed to flourish in our pregnancy, labor and delivery with husband firesides. And God's more front of our mind. The piece of the puzzle that we are seeking the path to having a pregnancy, faith and faith doesn't just come through thinking or focusing on having a great pregnancy, your pregnancy, your marriage, your spirituality and the way you go through your pregnancy matter.

How does that work out for us? I'm talking to the women that really connect with what I'm saying. I'm talking to the married women of faith, who are seeking a safe delivery with confidence. We're always in God's hands. We were created to do that. But we need help to feel connected to him to feel connected to the baby growing inside of us and a man by our side.

Do you want to arrive at delivery day and say I did everything I could to bring this baby into the world safely. On the other side of this page, I'm going to take you on a journey to fight for a new way of looking at pregnancy, labor and delivery. If you are a woman who wants to live in a feeling of safety and confidence in pregnancy, labor and delivery, then come with me to the next page. We are going to change everything you know and believe about this journey.

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