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Everyone, welcome back to parently Dr. Mark Boyd here. Today we're going to talk about Rogaine. And what this means exactly. Now on your first prenatal visit, you had prenatal lab straw, and in that prenatal labs, you had your blood type determined whether you're a B, A, B, or O blood type, but they also quantified you as A, B, A, B, or o positive or negative, this type of blood, this negative blood type is very, very important in managing you as a pregnant woman. Now, if you're Rh positive, that simply means that you have a protein on your red blood cells that we label as positive or negative. So if you're a positive, be positive, a be positive or o positive, you have this protein on the flip side of it if you don't have the protein You're labeled a negative b negative, A, B negative, or own negative.

It's important that we as healthcare providers know that because if you have contamination of a Rh Positive individual, specifically your partner, if your partner impregnate you and they have positive blood, then your baby may be Rh positive. That is important in the immune system development for you as a patient, because if your baby's Rh positive, and you have a bleed, that goes from your baby to you, and this can be in the form of an abortion, it can be in the form of a miscarriage. It can be in the form of any bleeding during your pregnancy. And then obviously, at the end of your pregnancy with your delivery, your baby's blood may come in to you and cause you to have an immune process where you want to attack and future pregnant sees that Rh Positive baby. So if you have a baby in your next pregnancy that's Rh positive and you did not receive Rogaine in the prior pregnancy, potentially, you could attack that baby.

So we want to prevent that from happening. And this is where rogram comes into play. When you have a bleed, and you're RH negative, your doctor or healthcare provider will want you to receive an intramuscular injection of something called rogue Iam. This will suppress your immune system so that you don't fight or attack future pregnancies. Have a Baby that has Rh positive so any bleeding in your early part of your pregnancy, any bleeding throughout your pregnancy, and then any bleeding at delivery obviously, all women bleed at their delivery. If your baby has Rh positive blood type then you will receive Rogen During that interval, the only time that we would vary on this is if your husband partner has known RH negative blood.

If your husband partner has RH negative blood, it's impossible for your intrauterine baby to be Rh positive, your baby. Obviously, if your partner's RH negative, you're RH negative, your baby in utero will be RH negative. In that scenario, we do not have to give you Rogaine, but it's just easier knowing that all women that are RH negative, if they are bleeding during their pregnancy, we recommend Brogan it's that important. I hope this was helpful today. Have a great day.

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