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Pregnancy brain

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Hello, everyone, welcome back to parently. This is Dr. Boyd, I have my thoughts together, and I'm going to talk to you about mom pregnancy brain for pregnancy brain, or magnesia. Is it real? In other words, does your brain change when you're pregnant? And the answer is it does. But it's not nearly as dramatic as women like to think that it is.

Now, it's interesting. First of all, why does it change? Well, there's lots of theories on that. But let's talk about the changes that do occur. We know that when you're pregnant, your blood volume increases by one and a half times. So that means you have more blood to your brain.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Probably it's a good thing because you're bringing more oxygen to your brain. However, your blood count is low when you're pregnant. So are you ready? bringing more oxygen, oxygen to your brain. Are you not?

Well, yes, you are. The next thing that happens also in pregnancy is your hormones progesterone and estrogen increase 15 to 40 times the normal pre pregnant amount. Now does this affect your brain good or bad? Nobody really knows. Probably it's a good thing. Because think about menopause, the other end of being pregnant.

Woman's estrogen is going down. And many women in menopause state that they can't remember. They forget all the time. They feel kind of disassociated. A lot of those also occur in pregnancy. But if this in pregnancy is high estrogen and progesterone and in menopause, it's low estrogen and progesterone.

What do we make of that? Probably nothing. So what's it all about? So I'm going to talk to you about a theory that many providers urologist and obstetricians believe when you're pregnant, a host of things happen in your body, your body changes. You've got to think about getting my car seat, my car, my baby's nursery ready? How am I going to look to my husband?

Because I'm a lot different as far as my body goes. All of those things are firing every day. And so it's normal to forget things. And if we look at short term memory loss and pregnancy, it does exist. But is there a reason and my own theory is yes, there's a reason why. Because you have to do a good job of getting things in order.

My house, my car, my husband, my family, you have to get all those in order before your baby comes. Some maybe all of this is to prepare you for when you get to that situation where your baby is here. Think about it when your baby comes You're going to be sleep deprived approximately 700 to 800 hours in the first year of life, and averages out to two hours per night, that you're not gaining that you're not sleeping compared to your pre pregnant amount that oftentimes causes your brain to feel very disoriented. So maybe in pregnancy, if you feel a little disoriented, you have short term memory loss. Maybe it's to prepare you because that's what you will experience in your first year. baby's life.

Something to think about magnesia does it exist? Yes, it does. But it's not nearly as dramatic as women think it is. I hope this was helpful. Remember my video. Have a good day.

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