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Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

5 minutes
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Highly successful people believe in simplicity in many aspects of their life. That doesn't mean they don't enjoy luxury. Bill Gates has a 66,000 square foot home. That's obviously not a simple thing to run. But he didn't get that house until he'd already been so successful had so many billions of dollars, that he could hire enough staff to do all the things he didn't want to do. He doesn't have to spend his time doing home maintenance on a 66,000 square foot home, he can spend his time with his philanthropy where he's trying to do all sorts of massively important things for public health around the world in education.

Ask yourself anytime you have something, is this worth it? Or is this going to create complexity that's going to rob you of productive time. For example. I live in a neighborhood and Long Island outside of New York City and my wife and I have a nice car. But here's the thing, everyone in our neighborhood and in our town if it's a couple they have two cars quite often three or four or five cars. We have one car Why don't we have one car is TJ poor Is he pathet Now I can afford another car.

But here's the thing, my wife and I both work from home. We both don't like driving. We don't use cars that much, even though it is a place where you have to drive. It's not an urban environment. So if we want to go to the store or a restaurant, we do have to drive. But here's the thing I couldn't have a car people say all the time.

Why don't you have another car? Where's your other car? It seems strange to other people. But when I look at the cost of a car, it has almost nothing to do with a purchase price of a car whether it's a A new car used car. What I spent $10,000 a car or $100,000 in a car, the real cost of the car is all the additional time it would take me to have it serviced to have it inspected to put gas in it to put oil in it to have repairs done. All of those things take a lot of my time time I'd rather spend doing fun things playing tennis, going to shows spending more time in New York City traveling vacationing, having fun with friends.

I don't want to spend more time on car maintenance and figure out is it time to get new tires for that so I've eliminated half. literally half of the car maintenance done that most people I know have because they only have one car. That is it ever end get inconvenience. Maybe once every six months we both need a car, we're going to different places different. I take an Uber. And that's a one time expense.

10, Maybe $20. Occasionally, I'll need to take a cab or an Uber to the train station to get to where I'm going in the city. Again, it's once or twice a month, another 10 bucks. So it's such a radical cost savings financially. But again, that's not the main part of my consideration. The main part is just all the things I don't have to do now with a second guy that wants to get washed.

I don't have to make room for it in the garage. I save all that time. I think it's not what most people do. Am I trying to tell you I'm so brilliant cuz I only have one nice car. No, it's just an example of how you need to look at what other people do and then don't necessarily do what they do. Ask.

Yourself is acquiring this thing. actually gonna make my life happier, more productive. If not, don't do it. Same with boats. I love boating, I love being out on a high sea or a nice lakes. I like all the entertainment that goes along with boating.

But I really don't enjoy all the work associated with boats. So for me, I'm more than happy to just go out on friends boats once or twice a year. If I have to, I would just ran a boat for a day or a weekend. infinitely cheaper than if you were to give me a boat. That's right. If you gave me a nice yacht.

I wouldn't accept it. I wouldn't want to invest my time to take care of it. It would rob me of my productivity. So that's what I want you to do is to really think about how can you simplify your life. I don't mean you have to live like a monk. I'm not saying you have to to renounce all worldly possessions, you can have a house twice as big as Bill Gates, if it gives you pleasure and ideally, if you can have the resources to hire other people to take care of it so you can be doing more productive things.

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