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Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened By Showing Up on Time

3 minutes
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A few more thoughts on time productive people are on time. Why is that? Is that because they're no fun, there ain't? No, it's because productive people value time, they value their own time they value their life. So they don't want to waste it sitting around waiting for people. They also don't want to waste other people's time.

And that's why they're on time they expect it from others, and they deliver it to others. That's why it's so important. Because if you're like people know your life, and after a while, they're gonna show up late for you. And then when you are occasionally on time or less late than normal, you have to wait for them and it's just this vicious, negative spiral downward. Plus you build a reputation of being someone who is difficult to work with. Someone has to be managed, someone's got to be there, making sure you get on time you need to have handhold her.

Yeah, you can get away with that if you're a really famous movie star and you've already sold a billion dollars with the movie tickets, but I'm assuming if that were you, you wouldn't be here with me right now. If you're not already so world famous and wealthy, then it would pay you to show up on time. It's one of those things where doesn't take smarts to show up on time. It doesn't take any brilliance. Doesn't really even take extra effort. It just takes focusing, not multitasking, doing 10 other things and forgetting what time it is.

And treating people with respect. I believe, and I hope this doesn't sound too pollyannish that really productive people. Not always but most of the time, have respect for other people. That's why they're able to get along with people and partner with them and team up and collaborate. The most productive people in the world do typically collaborate. Sure, it's possible to be Pablo Picasso, and maybe treat people like garbage.

But you're so brilliant. You're creating sculpture and great paintings all the time on your own in your own way, and you can treat people like garbage. Yeah, it's possible. It's also possible to be a writer and be reclusive and just bang away and mail off that novel to your publisher and it all turn out. But for most people, in most industries in most fields and a personal level, your own personal life, we have to deal with other people. And that's why it pays to treat other people with respect I know of nothing that will make me feel as though you disrespect me more and keeping me waiting.

Then breaking a promise you say you're gonna meet with me in a set time and you're not there. You broken a promise. You're a liar. You're wasting my time now. Why should I like you and want to work with you and deal with you? productive people show up on time.

Not because they're better human beings. It's just a more productive way to navigate your way through life and to be more productive.

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