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Celebrate the Easy Wins

2 minutes
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Big productivity tip give yourself an opportunity to celebrate some easy wins. You need to build some muscle memory as a highly productive person. Not every day is going to be a day where you get up and the first thing you do is climb Mount Everest. There is a whole line of thought out there that says you should always start by eating the frog doing the most difficult challenge possible, then everything else is easier. I don't want you to procrastinate on the big important tasks. But I do think that it is important to build certain things into your daily life, your daily schedule, where you can accomplish it, and it gives you a sense of accomplishment and they're not that hard, but there's still things that are good for you.

For example, I lift weights every day. before you get too impressed. I only lift weights for six minutes a day. But you add it all up At the end of the month, I lift weights a lot more often. And more minutes per month than almost anyone else. I know my age in my line of work.

I go running every day, before you get too impressed. I only run for one minute a day on the treadmill, but it gets my blood pumping. I do walk for an hour a day and I try to get 12,500 steps in every day on my little counter here. And that does give me a sense of accomplishment. Is it the most important thing Am I ignoring friends and family just walking around staring at that would be sad, but that's not what I do. I try to incorporate into my life walking as much as possible.

So the end of the day when I take my watch off, I see 95% of the time that I met that goal and that just gives me another sense of accomplishment. No one of these things is that important. But it builds it gives me an overall sense of I have goals, I can meet them. So not everything has to be a major career goal. I am going to write a New York Times bestseller or have an online course that does $10 million a month not everything has to be a huge goal. Sometimes they can be small, personal goals and when you reach them, especially on a daily basis, it gives you confidence and it gives you a sense of yourself of being a highly productive person.

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