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Being Professional And Avoiding the Flake Label

Personal Development Learning Personal Productivity The Complete Personal Productivity Course - Business and Life Highly Productive People Are Often Freelancers for at Least Part of Their Career - II
1 minutes
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What's the difference between a low paid Freelancer that you can sort of treat like the hired help versus a highly paid consultant, a lot of times it really boils down to something that's a little bit amorphous, but it's just called professionalism. You have to be professional in every single aspect of how you deal with clients and prospects. In this section, I'll go through a number of categories. But it's important to realize your long term success. It's quite often not about working harder hours, it's not necessarily about working longer. It's not necessarily about being smarter.

It's not necessarily about more academic credentials. Because most of the time most clients don't care about any of those things. They just care about what you're going to do for them. So how professional you are, often determine how they treat you whether they want to continue working with you. So that's what this section is about. And it constantly amazes me with all the different freelancers I use just for my home yard, other services, how unprofessional people are, as far as just keeping basic commitments.

Stay tuned.

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