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Why I Am the Most Unpopular Presentation Skills Trainer

4 minutes
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This is embarrassing, but I have to be honest with you. When corporations hire me to conduct presentation skills courses, we have an initial conference call with all the trainees couple weeks in advance before the in person training. And after that day, I'm incredibly unpopular. In fact, I've been telling them the least popular trainer companies I've ever hired people hate me, they do not like me. I don't know why. It's because I require anyone I trained to practice a presentation on video, just using a cell phone and email it to me in event people hate doing that.

And I don't blame them. It can be scary the first time. But here's the thing. After the training after they've done all that practice, and we've spent a full day together at the end of the day, I'm all of a sudden the most popular trader they've ever had. Now I haven't changed The only thing that's changed is people now become aware of the value of recording themselves on video. So this is the number one tip from this whole course it's not a popular tip at this stage at this stage, you're thinking, wow, where's that money back refund button again, don't go there yet.

But the biggest secret that great presenters have world famous speakers business people political leaders have is they practice on video. And they have someone on their staff often practice with them on video, but you don't need a staff. You can just pull out your cell phone in practice, but here's the thing about practicing on video. If you record yourself on video once and stop wasting time didn't help at all. If you record yourself on video and actually look at it, figure out what you like don't like and stop. Well then that's worse than a waste of time.

That's gonna make you Worse than before. Because all you're going to do is fixate on what you did. Oh, gosh, my hair's falling out. I don't like my voice. I'm getting fat. So practicing on video and looking at yourself doesn't help.

Some of you think, where's he going with this? Here's the magic. Here's the secret. Here's what's not sad in the public speaking books and most of the other courses on this, you have to focus one at a time on things you didn't like. record again. Look at see if you made any improvement recorded.

We can't. The real magic is when you keep doing it on video until you like how you come across. might take you four or five takes might take you 30 takes the average client of mine, who's already a successful executive has already probably given thousands of presentations and his or her career. practises 30 times on video before sending me one. You can bypass all those headaches by just doing it right now, you can jumpstart a career as a great speaker, a great presenter by doing it now. So I realized it's not what people want to hear.

They want to hear some quick gimmick of stand with your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman and you'll be a great speaker or take a pill, take a beta blocker, you'll be a great speaker or visualize your audience and their underwear and you'll be a great speaker. I'm here to tell you all those things are a waste of time. You want the number one trick, how to be a great speaker. Just practice on video until you like your own speech because you have an entire lifetime of hearing bad speeches, bad presentations. You already know what does At work, because you've had to be subjected to that you also know what works so use your own experience. I'm going to be asking you to practice throughout this course on video.

So get ready. I'm not asking you to yet but i will be asking you to

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