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Are You Making Progress With Cutting Back on Multi-Tasking?

1 minutes
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You've heard me talk about the disaster and multitasking earlier in the course. Have you made any progress? This is a chat and it's still a challenge for me. It's just so tempting. You're on a call with a client or prospect. check Facebook, try to answer emails.

Don't do it. The switching costs in your brain are astronomical. Your brain simply cannot do two important things at once. It cannot focus on two things at once again, there are certain things that don't really matter. I can brush my teeth while in the shower. Nothing bad has really ever happened from them.

For anything important in your life, and driving is one of those things that's important. Your brain cannot multitask you. You're fooling yourself if you think it can. Focus, focus, focus, do not multitask. Tell yourself, I am not a multitasker. How is that going?

Since I talked about it earlier in the course, share with me your thoughts right here in the q&a section. What have you been able to eliminate as far as your daily multitasking? What have you been able to stop doing? Have you gotten fewer browsers down? Have you eliminated the desire to look at Facebook while in a meeting that isn't that interesting? What is it you've done to eliminate multitasking in your life because that has a huge payoff in terms of your productivity.

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