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Successful, Productive People Quit Stuff All the Time

1 minutes
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Winners never quit. quitters never win. You've heard that before, right? Guess what? It's not true. One secret that highly productive people have is they quit, they quit all the time.

Because they try new things and they fail. And they don't believe in going after sunk cost. Once you've done something and it can't be recovered, you don't worry about the sunk cost. You move on. That's what productive people are good at. So you should experiment.

Sometimes the most successful entrepreneurs had seven failed businesses first, they may have had multiple bankruptcies. They quit all the time, the key is quit at the right time. You quit too soon. Maybe you just didn't get over the hump, and you would have been wildly successful. But if you wait too long, you've lost a year two, three years of your life when you could have been doing something successful. So you got to get rid of this idea that it's always bad to quit.

It's good to quit. Once you've established your Not going in the right direction.

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