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What Do You Do If You Hate Your Voice?

1 minutes
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What do you do if you don't like your voice? How do you improve your voice? What if you want to sound deeper and more professional and more authoritative? How do you have a lower voice? Don't do that. Here's the thing.

Everybody hates their sound of their own voice, because we're used to hearing our voice distorted through the bones in our skull all day long. So when we hear our voice through a speaker, it's much less distorted than normal. It's not our self image of our voice. So trust me, Your voice is likely fine. It's extraordinarily rare that anyone truly has a voice. That's awful.

What's far more important is what do you use your voice to say? Say something interesting. A lot of people have perfectly fine voices. They never say anything interesting. My advice, practice on video really listened to your voice and your message. Hundreds of times before you ever start thinking about how to improve your voice or a voice coach or an excellent coach or any of that stuff, you've got to get used to really listening to your voice.

Chances are your voice is perfectly fine. It's your message that probably needs more work.

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