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Productive People Still Use Old, Boring Email Newsletters Because They Work

3 minutes
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This last email tip may seem odd in a world where everyone likes to talk about social media, video and Instagram. And whatever the five second app is that replaces vine. Everything's always about new, new, new new and what could be older than email. It's been around since longer than many of you have been alive. Here's the thing I found about email is you can look at the most successful authors, experts, consultants, small companies, and sometimes large companies and you ask them what is the single most effective marketing tool you have? It's not broadcast TV.

It's not direct mail. It's often not their blog, it's not their website. And it's typically not their Instagram page or even their Facebook page. When you really ask people they'll say the number one thing There list of people who have given them an email address. And then they communicate with a newsletter could be once a week could be once a month, whatever frequency your people want. So as more and more technologies change, evolve advance, there's nothing like good old fashioned email I should now I've been sending out a weekly newsletter for the last 17 years.

It is my number one way of staying in contact with old clients, prospects, new clients, sometimes I don't hear from someone for five years. But they've been staying on the newsletter list, they'll call me up, say ltg. I really liked your newsletter today. By the way, we're thinking of having this event in two months because you can't be the speaker. If I didn't communicate with them by email, they would have forgotten about so you might not be an individual company. As an author expert, but you are someone who is trying to be productive in the world, and there are people who care about what you do.

So even if you work within a large corporation, sending out something that demonstrates your expertise or just that you're curating other expertise in your industry with your own comments, and send it out, don't be obnoxious about it. Maybe you only do it once a month. I get very few complaints or unsubscribes, sending out something focused just once a week. It's never too soon to develop a list of people who like what you stand for who like what you produce who like your expertise, and communicating with them, you have to sell them anything. You can simply put your ideas out there and have them associate you with that particular niche and that particular area of expertise. So that's the final big tip with email is use it as a tool to communicate your expertise on the areas where you want to be productive.

Because people can unsubscribe from podcasts, they can lose interest in YouTube channels. All sorts of things come and go. And yes, people can unsubscribe from your newsletter list as well but people are still using email. And it looks like that's not going away anytime soon.

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