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Communicate the Way Your Customers Want to Communicate Not How You Like to

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6 minutes
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You've got to make it easy for your clients and your prospects to communicate with you and you've got to do it in a professional way. For starters, the phone now the days are gone when everyone had a big switchboard or a live operator, receptionist, I'm not asking you to go back to that. But if someone calls you for your business and you say hello, their first reaction might be Oh, did I get a wrong number? state your name or state your business or state? Oh, someone calls me and I have it forwarded to my cell phone. I say media training worldwide.

This is TJ Walker TJ Walker, media training worldwide. They know that they got the right number. So answer the phone. Now. If you're going to have voicemail, I beg you do not have them listen to all the rings and then it goes to voicemail and then it says you ever age 742322 when I hear someone Who doesn't have a personalized voicemail message? My first thought is, did I dial the right number?

So then I got to think is that the number? I doubt it. So I've got to go through all that. But the main thing is it sends a message to me. This isn't a real business. This isn't a professional person.

Maybe this is somebody who just started freelancing yesterday, and I'm their guinea pig. And they're going to learn on my dime. I don't want anyone to learn on my dime. I want to pay for expertise. So have a voicemail message. Now, let's say you've got a voicemail message.

It astounds me how often this next problem occurs. So you've called it's been ringing four or five times it goes to the voicemail, maybe it's a long message. Finally, you're ready to leave a message and then at the voice mailbox you have raised is all folders. No How disorganized and incompetent Do you have to be? And how much contempt Do you have to have for my time, if I've gone through all this effort to find your number, call you listen to your message, all that. And now I can't leave a voicemail message.

It drives me insane. More important, it's going to bug your prospects and customers and maybe all of your customers are, let's say under 25 and they don't leave voicemail. They'd rather die than leave voicemail because they're only going to text. Okay, but are you at salutely certain, none of them ever have parents who want to buy them a present of your service. Why ruin your chances with any segment of the market for no particular reason? So I beg you have a voicemail.

Have your voicemail box empty, I could tell you from personal experience. I have Friends in other industries, great personal, friendly relationship, but I would be afraid to ever recommend them to someone else in their industry, because they're so unprofessional and their voicemail doesn't even have a name. When I hear someone who holds himself out to be a professional, and all I get is a bunch of numbers, it makes me think several other things. Number one, they're trying to dodge bill collectors. They don't want anyone to know who they are. They're doing something criminal.

Why are they hiding? So your communication, it's got to be simple, clear, easy. Also, on your website, your business card ever have your phone number? Don't just have your email there. A lot of people in the world they want an answer. Now they've got to get a proposal on their boss's desk in an hour and a half.

They need three proposals. Yours can be one of them. I don't have time to write an email. They want to make a quick call. Give you their email and you can send it to them. So give people a phone number, give them an email as well.

Give them a Skype address. Give them otherwise, but phone for someone who really wants to hire you and give you money. I mean nothing that's going to be a phone number. So make sure you do that. Next with all your communication. Make sure there's a professionalism there.

Now I use a Gmail account. But when I'm dealing with a prospect the first time, they're going to see an email that says TJ at media training they're going to have my web address and my phone number and my address on it. Be professional. Make sure you don't have spelling errors. Someone calls you up and once a proposal, send it today. Think about it for weeks unless it's an extremely high end.

Expensive thing where it's open ended. It's a six month consulting project. Give them a proposal today. That is the best communication, return their phone calls, same day. Unless you're really really busy and being paid for your time, return it. Now, what's wrong with now your client is not going to be offended if you return their call now or the prospect is not going to be offended if you call back right now.

So your communication has to be quick, has to be professional. It has to be easy for your prospect or client to know who you are, how to get a hold of you any way they want. Now, if you have a prospect text you they may want you to text back. Some older freelancers don't like that. Guess what, nobody cares about you. But the flipside is true, too.

You could be a 22 year old Freelancer and somebody 65 wants to hire you. They might not want to text if they call you and leave a message they expect you to call back Don't just email or text back or even assume they called you on a cell phone. Believe it or not, there are people in the world who make calls and it's not a cell phone. So if you just text back, they're not gonna get it. You've got to communicate the way your prospects and customers want not how you want

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