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Personal Productivity Is Very Different Today Versus Most of Human History

4 minutes
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For most of human history, at least the last 10,000 years, to be a productive person meant you had to be a generalist, you had to be good at almost everything because you had to catch your food, you had to cook your food, you had to make your own home, you had to make your own clothes. You had to be your own doctor, you had to be your family's citecar you had to do everything or you simply died. All of that has changed. In recent times, now, it's the era of the specialist focused if you can focus on creating something great, memorable, valuable, you can sell to the whole world. And if nothing else, you can sell it to everyone in your town and communicate with your prospects in a way that was never possible, until recently. So that's what's changed so much that's changed the mindset of the productive, productive use To mean simply more hours churning butter, planting corn doing lots and lots of hard, tedious, boring work.

Productive now means something very different. It means creating something that's special. That is remarkable to use Seth Godin term is the purple cow remarkable that is truly memorable, different, interesting. Do that. You can now market it to the world you can communicate to the whole world you can ship it to the whole world for free. If it's a digital product, you can get money from people anywhere in the world without going through intermediaries.

So all the roadblocks that used to stop productive people from creating and distributing their products. It's all gone. That's why today is so exciting. And that's why productive people the gap of the morning, they hop out of bed because they can't Way to produce more because they're not faced with constant doors in their face. They're not faced with the gatekeepers shutting down the gate saying, No, we don't want you know, we don't need you know, you can't do that you can just go directly to the masses. That's what excites me so much, I have a new idea for a course, I can come up with the idea, create the whole thing, and in some cases, post it in the same day and be making money within 24 hours.

I typically spend at least two full weeks immerse creating a course but I don't have to worry about selling it to a gatekeeper, the executive producer or the president of the company or all that I can just sell it directly to customers all over the world, on this platform, and dozens of others on my own platform. So I don't have to waste time. The way I did early in my career Early in my career, I had spent so much time pitching publishers that major New York City publishing houses, pitching producers at all the major TV news networks to have me on. It was a constant game of pitching the op ed editor of newspapers to run my column. It was a constant game of pitching to gatekeepers trying to hop through. Are there still some gatekeepers with influence in the world?

Sure. Getting into Harvard Business School, all things being equal, you aspire to a career in business will probably help. And there is the Dean of Admissions who can decide that but it's no longer a necessity. You have a great idea, great product, great passion and a huge fan base. The last thing you'd want to do is wait, waste two years of your life or postpone for two years of life, your business. You can just Do it now.

That's what's so exciting about the era. We live in.

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