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Infinite Opportunities To Be Productive Or...

2 minutes
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We live in an era of infinite choices. Anyone these days as long as they have a cell phone and free internet connection somewhere, can make and create books and audios and music videos and YouTube and podcast, there's an infinite number of things that you can create productive people try to narrow the focus to what they like and where they get positive feedback. So for example, I could be spending this time right now making YouTube videos and making podcasts. I could turn my existing hundred plus courses into Amazon Kindle books, there's an infinite number of things I could do. And right now, I'm not doing any of those things. I'm focusing on creating an online course for you.

Why? Well, part of it is I like doing this. Part of it is based on reviews from about 100,000 students. I'm pretty good at this. People like it. Part of it is I get paid to do this, I get money every single month.

And really every single day when people purchase the courses, so I get so much positive reinforcement for doing this, I could do it quickly, easily. And I enjoy doing it. So it's easier and easier to do this, it becomes easier and easier for me to motivate myself to be productive in this way. So so much of your challenge, if you want to be productive is to figure out what not to do. We're not to waste your time, even if it's not a bad thing, like sitting around watching old cartoons. It's still not as productive as what you could be doing.

So that's a part of your challenge right now. I want you to do this for me. Write down and the q&a section. In just a couple of sentences. What is the one thing that you think you're best at doing that you You enjoy doing and that people reward you for could be financially if you're selling a product. It could be just the things that your family and friends give you the most positive feedback on share the most love with you.

What is the one thing that if you couldn't do anything else, but that one thing, you'd still be happy and you'd still be productive. I want you to share that with the community here and with me and just write this down in a couple of sentences. Right here in the q&a section now please don't fast forward through this. Please write it down. Now. I haven't asked a lot of you yet have I

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