Fish me a nice Christmas!

4 minutes
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This part, we just have to make the sketch that we're going to then turn into the 3d model. So, of course you can sketch whatever you like. I'm just going to show you there was my little collection of animal sayings, like ol vs of horse and this things that I did, and I just drew it, you know, just by hand and then scan that and But for today, I think we're going to do a fish. So for example, we started in pencil. We just saw light pencil sketch. So everything is still available.

And yeah, so you know, don't be too worried about making mistakes on the stage. Okay, so that's our base sketch done. Next we just go over it and he have to be a bit careful because basically the cleaner the sketches, the less work you're gonna have to do later Go over all the letters and make sure that everything connects so you didn't have any bits just dangling because they will print or they'll print separately, which is not really what you want. So that's why we have this little kind of mini fish in there just so it supports letters. So yeah, basically everything has to be connected. Yeah, so Are these kinds of things you see, to be connected, the more you do here, the less you're gonna have to do digitally.

So that means basically if you're going to get some kind of specs and things done sometimes you might have to use Photoshop just to clean it up. But if you do a decent enough job at this stage, you might not have to. Okay, something like that. And then you just let it dry for a few seconds. So you make sure it's, it's not gonna smudge and then you just delete all the pencil underneath. You really should do this because otherwise, like I said, it's just more work to do later, which we don't want.

So as long as you have a sketch that looks kind of like this pretty clean on white background and you have very clear black line and everything is connected. So there is no dangling bits, like even if you have this little leg of the A, you can just connect it. So, like that is fine. And we're just gonna take a photo of this. I'm just gonna use the phone take a picture of this. And that's it.

Once you've got a picture of it, use acknowledge yourself or whatever however you can get it to the computer. And really, that's it. You actually don't need the scanner at all for this but it was kind of great

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