Fish sketch to a 3D decoration

5 minutes
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Okay, so just like before we log into Shapeways, and we see that tab on the left, which is greater apps. And that's where we land when we've chosen that. So, this time we don't scroll down to the ornament, but we choose the first one. So it's called pendant creator. And you just click on this one. So here you have, again, you can choose from some affair designs, well, maybe Christmas present, but we want to upload our designs.

So we're just gonna select it and find it. So for starters, I'm going to show you the original one. So the one that we drew and then took a picture of, and then it arrived in my email and it it looked like that. So you see, the problem here is that it was a bit dark in the background wasn't completely white. So they Software thinks that you want kind of like a backing. And if that's nice if you like that, then fine, but it looks a bit more like a plate, maybe I don't know.

And so to get rid of that, we're just gonna go to Photoshop, and we're gonna find our fish wherever that fish is, so we just have a fish. And now we are going to select this fish, it should be quite straightforward because it's just one line more or less. So we confirm towards 240 on magic wand. I tested it already and it worked. So try it again. So I'll spare you all that because I already done it.

So I'm just gonna upload this one. Yes. So now we are okay. We just have to make sure that our fishes are connected and all The letters are correct. So everything is connected together so we don't have anything hanging but this looks good. And now crucially, we have to add some settings also.

So you could choose to make it a bit thicker and a bit bigger, it's smaller. These are all different settings you can play with. And you have to if you want to hang it, you have to remember to add a loop. So just clicking on that add a loop link won't do anything. You just have to make sure you actually click after that on attendant to add the loop to the pendant. So once you've done that, you can position it correctly, just make sure that it's not hanging like behind the pendant or on the side of it or something for that you just rotate and you have to see that okay, it's adjusted.

It's attached to to the pendant, so that's fine. And yeah, that's it. You just rotated. She felt Looking good. And then you just click Create pendant like last time. Okay, so the model seems to be done.

And again, it's gonna take some time, but you've seen this interface before, so it's nothing new. And that's how it looks. This one, so you know, of course, we can make it nicer, you could clean it up a bit, you could make like a really super perfect discussion before you take a photo, or you could clean it up a bit further in Photoshop, it's totally up to you. But I quite like their hand drawn look, and it's not so perfect, actually, it looks quite nice. So now what it's gonna do for this one, and that we didn't really see that in the previous one, but, but here you have much more materials available. So these are all the different kinds that you can print it in.

So that's a nice thing. You can even have it in steel. You can also see the products with this model. So If you want to see how it looks like as a product, it exists here and then you could save changes. Make sure that it doesn't get put it as of sale if you're not ready yet, or if you don't want to sell it at all. And so you can, we want to stay, we want to save changes, and we just want to view the products just with you show us and then it's just here.

So this one it says not for sale. So make sense. Okay, and now I can just go on the left and two models. There we have, what are the things that were created today I have some other stuff but just ignore it. So if we want to order this fish or the ornament, we know we can just add it to cart. I wanted to show you also that there are loads of different materials so you can just choose that These are the options that you have, you can try something steel or and that's all whatever.

So that can read one or something, you can just add it to cart, and then it should be there in red easy. So they go. That's it. We've learned today how to make little fish. Well, anything really using the pendant tool. So you can just turn any of your flat sketches into a little 3d shape, and then also ornament.

So we've learned how to create a little from a little sketch how to create a 3d ornament for Christmas, but we can use as a Christmas decorations of present or whatever. So that's it. And thanks, as always for joining me in this class. And until next time, good luck.

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