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Snowflake sketch to a 3D Christmas ornament

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So now I'm going to turn this little sketch into a 3d model. We're going to need to go to the 3d printing site. It doesn't really matter which one you use, there are plenty. The one I use is Shapeways, check, we stop calm. I don't really know why would. I tried some years ago and I liked it, so I just stuck with it.

But of course, you can explore others if you feel like it. Anyway, so once you're at Shapeways, you just gotta join. So hit join. And yeah, you just fill in your details and then you hit the Join button and you will get an account with them. So because I already have this, I'm just gonna sign in, so just bear in. Okay, so now that's how it looks when you're assigning to nuts.

You're kind of like a workshop here and all the tools and everything you need. So I already have some things here because I've been with her for a while. So I'm just going to show you how to use this creator apps. So this is the section that we're going to use to create quick and easy 3d models from sketches. And first I'm going to show you the ornament creator, which is this guy here. So click on him and here we go.

So here it allows you to create any kind of Christmasy decoration things. And you can either use one of their designs that they suggest what's Okay, we're not really here for that. Or if you are not uploads our snowflake or sketch that we did, you just have to click on Advanced Settings and then you've got this upload and design thing. So then all the way up do is click on on thing, and it comes up. So it takes a few, quite a few seconds. Sometimes you just have to, like leave it and just go do something else for a few minutes.

So yeah, now it's appeared. You see it's right here. And you will see that's kind of what we drew. Cool, nice to look like a snowflake. Excellent. But there is a bit of a problem.

I'll show you what what it means if we're going to check principality. And we're going to get a little message that some parts are designed enough connected. And you can see it's like, you can see some gaps there. So kind of like the top. It's just floating by itself. And then the bottom is separate from it, which is kind of cool effect.

But unless you want to glue it together, maybe not the right thing. So with this particular design, basically, you have to tweak the settings here if that happens, and a lot of the times that will fix that. That's the reason why we wanted to draw them close together exactly for this, so they already connected. But sometimes it's still not quite not quite right. So you kind of have to tweak the settings of this Kaleidoscope effect stuff. And you see kind of while you just play with it, but you know this one kind of make the distances a bit bigger between the flakes.

And then this one kind of reduces them. So here you can sort of see him Okay, let's, again kind of see they pretty well connected. So this might work. And so if we're just gonna check this now let's see what it says. Yeah, you see, that's good. So from now on, we are happy with this design.

Now there is one more thing that he allows you to add some text. So I don't know whatever. Christmas or anything else you can think of and this gives you ready to accept data, right? So now you have your own little sketch uploaded as an ornament and you have a little happy Christmas down there. So that's good. And now what we have to do is just to click Create My argument.

So that will in a few seconds make the model from this and I just have to wait again. So okay, so now it tells us model is ready and we can view it and we just have two items. Nothing extra you need to do just wait that we should be seeing it in a minute. Again, we have to wait a little bit of waiting around and maybe read a book or something at the same time or watch a movie and look at this. It's like a snowflake being created is beautiful Maya Tara we made a little snowflake was born. So yeah, it's done easy.

We can basically just wait for the materials up, because this is just showing you a status seconds if it's principal in that material. And so this one we can see, it's just checking that it's gonna be printable. And it gives you the kinds of materials Well, this is only available in white. I think it's plastic or something like that. So here you can just add to cart. I don't know you want to figure this for example.

I guess you have to individually do them. Okay, so now we have two, three. Okay. So there you go. Basically, we've just ordered three little ornaments. With Happy Christmas and upset if you want to make more models, you just do exactly the same.

So you go back to creator apps, which is here, it's always the same tab on the left, you just click create apps just gonna open in a new window. So there is our This is the familiar thing, we know it already. Which scroll down to the ornament creator. And you just do exactly the same the whole thing, you'll find your models in there. And again, it might take some time well, it finally appeared that so you will find the whole of this thing that you create always in the model stuff. And if it doesn't show straight away, you just have to wait a bit.

And from here, you can just add to cart. So that's basically how to make your own Christmas ornament.

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