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Videographer's Boot Camp

Learn all the basics of professional videography, equipment selection, how to shoot, lighting, and recording professional audio.

Videographer's Boot Camp

Learn all the basics of professional videography, equipment selection, how to shoot, lighting, and recording professional audio.
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What's included in the class?

 11 video lessons

About the Class

This course is for the newbie who wants to make a career as a videographer. This course is not for intermediate and advanced students (although intermediate students may find useful information throughout the lectures). Also, this series is about how to shoot professional video. We are not covering editing.

Please note that we will be discussing equipment and techniques for typical "Run and Gun"/ENG (Electronic News Gathering) type of productions. This is the most common type of production you will encounter in the news, events, and audio-visual type environments where the ability to move fast is key. For this reason, we will be discussing all-in-one type camcorders with servo zoom lenses and not DSLR cameras with fixed focal length lenses (although many concepts apply to both).

The course is divided into six chapters: Equipment, Shooting Video, Lighting, Audio, Tips, and Tricks, and Best Practices (i.e., how to act like a professional). Each chapter except for "Best Practices" is further divided into two parts so as not to inundate the student with too much information all at once.

Class Requirements

You do not need any materials to take this course. You should only have a desire to create a compelling video.

Class Contents

Class Authors

Derek Fremd

Videography and Photography Professional
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I have been a producer, director, cameraman, and editor for 30+ years in South Florida. I create diverse video programming from 1/2 hour broadcast specials to news, educational non-profit, corporate, awards videos, Video-On-Demand, and events. My work has won Telly Awards (which every year honors the very best film & video productions,...
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