PMP Preparation Course

Learn how to achieve the PMP certification to improve your skills.

PMP Preparation Course

Learn how to achieve the PMP certification to improve your skills.
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About the Class

This course is developed for project management specialists who want to obtain the PMP certification. People who are at this moment working as a project manager can enhance their career possibilities dramatically by having a PMI issued the certification.

This course is over 28 hours of on-demand video lectures, but there is more. When you subscribe for the course, I will also give you a one year access to my questions database which contains quizzes for every PMBOK chapter and a complete PMP certification exam simulation totaling another 18 hours of training for which you will get an additional certificate.

Our database contains over 2,00 questions and you can take an unlimited number of attempts. Just send me a message from this application with your name and email address. I will register for you immediately. The PMI is the most important institute in the world related to project management and its certifications are the most important ones around the world

People who have a PMP certification make more money and have better career possibilities. The PMP exam is one of the most difficult exams but it is worthwhile because you will stand out from the masses and you will be admired.

The course is also very interesting when you want to review the new elements in the PMBOK and when you want to share your knowledge with your peers, subordinates, and managers.



Luc De Ceuster, MSc, PMP

Project Management and Business Professional
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Luc De Ceuster obtained his Master's degree in Engineering from the Belgian Royal Military Academy in 1982. In 2001, he obtained the Master Certificate in Project Management from the AT&T; School of Business and Technology and his PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. During his career, he fulfilled different functions in...

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Level: Intermediate
Duration: 26 hours 47 minutes
178 Videos
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